Chennai currently ranks 9th on Lonely Planet’s list of top 10 cosmopolitan cities to live in and offers excellent quality of life for its residents. As investments continue to pour in and more people move to Chennai for jobs, the city has expanded towards its suburbs. This growth has encouraged more people to invest in Chennai’s outskirts. One of the areas that has been at the center of this technological boom is the Old Mahabalipuram Road or Rajiv Gandhi Salai, more popularly known as OMR.

OMR is the area between Madhya Kailash Junction and Thiruporur, stretching to about  35 km. The landscape of OMR boasts of not only residential complexes but also state-of-the-art IT parks and commercial projects. This stretch has become popular as it offers many advantages in terms of connectivity to several parts of the main city, proximity to the airport and world-class infrastructure, to name a few.

Here are a few reasons why OMR offers an unmatched quality of life for its residents.

It is the IT Hub of Chennai

OMR is host to a number of IT/ITES firms along with several MNCs that have set up their offices in the area. The Rajiv Gandhi IT Expressway is dotted with huge tech parks which give it the rightful name of the IT hub of Chennai. The presence of huge companies in OMR makes it possible for residents to live closer to their workplace.

Setting up of IT parks in an area generally shoot ups its real estate prices and OMR has witnessed a similar trend. It has become one of the best areas to make a property investment for NRIs as well as locals. The recent IT boom in the area has already created huge appreciation in the property prices. With several strategic new developments being planned for OMR, this price appreciation is not going to stop anytime soon. The fast-paced growth of OMR is one of the reasons to never delay a property investment here.

It Offers State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

In a move to encourage greater investments, the Government has taken a keen interest in this area by laying wide roads, creating green open spaces and providing sewage and metro water connections. Some of the infrastructure projects in the pipeline for OMR include flyovers, metro connectivity and a sports city OMR will also acquire the tag of ‘Financial City’ soon with several banks planning and setting up their back office there.

Most of the residential projects here are self-sustainable as they are equipped with amenities like grocery store,clubhouse with various sporting amenities, party halls, restaurants, ATMs etc… The architectural design of the buildings in  these area are modern and adds to the futuristic charisma of OMRVery few other places in Chennai can offer residents the same convenience and quality of life that OMR can.

It Will Bring You Closer to Nature

Scenic beauty, in and around the area, offers an added advantage to homeowners. Unlike the congestion in the city, there is plenty of clean air in OMR which can be attributed to a green belt in the area and the coastline nearby. The vast green spaces still available in OMR are a much-needed respite from the concrete jungle most of us are used to.

Excellent Conveniences and Connectivity

Families planning on moving to OMR can be assured that they will have access to essential amenities, making it one of the best places to invest in. Along the entire OMR stretch are some of the top schools and colleges of the city, like PSBB Millennium, Abacus Montessori, NIFT and a number of highly-reputed engineering colleges like Sathyabama university and Hindustan University. OMR also enjoys easy access to healthcare with reputed hospitals like Apollo Hospitals, Chettinad Health City, and Global Health City. OMR is also well-connected to the inner parts of the city via its bus services, connecting areas like Adyar, Guindy.

Opportunities for Recreation Nearby

While it is largely known as a residential area and IT hub, there are also many recreational activities to do near OMR. OMR is surrounded by well-known temples like 18th-century Thiruporur Murugan temple, Nithya Kalyana Perumal temple, Prathyangira Devi temple in shollinganallur and ISKON temple.

Mutukadu lake near OMR offers rowboats, pedal boats, water scooter and windsurfing for the adventure seekers. For entertainment, OMR offers AGS Cinemas and Mayajaal which eliminates the need for its residents to travel into the city.

People can also plan a weekend drive to Mamallapuram or Pondicherry or plan their weekend stay in beach resorts nearby.

The stretch is also filled with various retail stores and supermarkets to cater to the growing demand of its residents.

All leading south Indian restaurant chains like Saravana Bhavan, Hot Chips, Aasife biryani, Komal Villas and Buhari have their presence here.

Fast food joints like Subway, Burger king and McDonalds also cater to the need of its residents.

OMR has quickly become the pulse of Chennai and is growing at a breakneck. If you want to invest in this exciting locality, explore homes by Lancor. Our premium residential projects on OMR include TCP Lakefront and TCP Altura.