How can NRIs Avail a Home Loan in India?

NRI Home Loan : How can NRIs Avail a Home Loan in India - Lancor

For many Non-Resident Indians, buying a home in India has become an attractive dream for their post-retirement period. But with various foreign regulations and Indian policies to consider, it can be difficult to understand if NRIs are allowed to get loan options in the country. Here in this article, we address this pressing question – […]

Why should NRIs Buy Property in India?

Why should NRIs Buy Property in India -Lancor

India is a country with a population of 1.3 billion+ people. Due to its growing economy and other factors, it’s an attractive destination for buying real estate properties. As an NRI, if you’re wishing to invest your money in your own country, then real estate is the wisest.  There are so many reasons other than […]

Important Tips for NRIs Investing in Indian Real Estate


As an NRI, if you are looking to make a profitable investment, there are many reasons to never delay a property investment. Government policies around real estate have enabled greater transparency in the sector, encouraging more investments and simplifying the process for NRIs to invest in Indian real estate. In addition to ensuring high appreciation, […]

Top 6 Real Estate Investment Hotspots for NRIs in Chennai

Top 6 Real Estate Investment Hotspots for NRIs in Chennai

For NRIs looking to invest in real estate, Chennai is one of the most prominent destinations. The city’s economy is growing at an unprecedented rate, with investments pouring in from many different sectors. The booming IT sector in particular has been a catalyst in the expansion of the city and the development of its suburban […]

What are the important documents for NRIs buying real estate in India?

India is increasingly becoming a favorite investment hotspot, especially for NRIs looking to buy property in their homeland. Real estate in India has only been increasing in value and this upward trend doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. Technological advances in real estate have also made it easier for NRIs to invest […]