Will House Prices Increase in 2023?

Rise in House Price : Reasons for Rise in Housing Properties in 2023 - Lancor

The year 2022 was an incredibly record-breaking year for the real estate industry. On average, 3.64 lakh housing properties were sold in 2022. And also, the year 2021 was a flourishing year for the market.  According to CRISIL estimates, the real estate sector is likely to grow to ₹65,000 crores by 2024 from ₹12,000 crores […]

Real Estate Trends to Watch for Homebuyers in India

Real Estate Trends to Watch for Homebuyers in India - Lancor

Planning to buy a home in 2023?  Going through real estate trends will make you aware of what type of properties you should look for. And moreover, these real estate trends help you in finalizing optimal decisions.    From promoting properties through pamphlets, and advertising on TV & radio, to showcasing on digital media channels, and […]

A Safe and Nurturing Project for Children.

Children need a safe and healthy environment to develop a sense of security and trust to walk confidently in the world. But how a futuristic community with various lifestyle amenities to improve the quality of life can influence a child’s growth and will positively make a difference? In recent years, Chennai has witnessed a surge […]

March: An Ideal Time To Buy Your Dream Home!

March is an ideal time for homebuyers to make the move of buying their dream home. But why march? And more importantly, why is this the perfect time to buy a home? If you are considering purchasing a home, it’s worth looking at why this time of the year might be the best time for […]

Lancor – Tips to Choose the Right Vastu Colours for Your Home.

Do the colours in your home reflect your personality and promote positive energy? If you were unaware of Vastu Shastra – a traditional Hindu system of architecture that promotes harmony between humans, nature, and objects – then you might want to be more mindful of how colour plays an important role in promoting peace and […]

Highlights from 2023 Budget for Real Estate Property Purchase

Highlights from 2023 Budget for Real Estate Property Purchase - Lancor

Looking for an affordable housing property in India? Great! Before embarking on your buying journey, take heed to what the union budget 2023-24 highlights about real estate.  The latest union budget 2023-24 has a few important updates on the real estate industry that a home-buying aspirant should know.   In this blog, we can take a […]

How can NRIs Avail a Home Loan in India?

NRI Home Loan : How can NRIs Avail a Home Loan in India - Lancor

For many Non-Resident Indians, buying a home in India has become an attractive dream for their post-retirement period. But with various foreign regulations and Indian policies to consider, it can be difficult to understand if NRIs are allowed to get loan options in the country. Here in this article, we address this pressing question – […]