City or Suburbs? Weighing the Pros and Cons of Different Living Environments

City or Suburbs Weighing the Pros and Cons of Different Living Environments-Lancor

We’ve all dreamt of the perfect neighborhood, a place where convenience dances with serenity, where career opportunities waltz with cozy backyards. Choosing where to live is like a dance with trade-offs. In the city, you get the energy but also the crowded feeling. In the suburbs, it’s peaceful, but you might find yourself dependent on […]

Real Estate Predictions for 2024: Assessing Market Trends

Real Estate Predictions for 2024 Assessing Market Trends

Knowing and predicting the 2024 real estate market holds immense importance for both individuals and businesses involved in the industry. It is like having a crystal ball that helps you make smarter decisions. For homebuyers, it means understanding if prices are likely to go up or down, helping you time your purchase for the best […]

Kilambakkam Terminus: All You Need to Know

Kilambakkam Terminus All You Need to Know - Lancor

Imagine Chennai holidays: busy families, excited friends, all wanting to escape city life. But the bus stand, poor Koyambedu, bursts with long lines, late buses, and tickets gone faster than fireworks. It’s a holiday travel mess! Thankfully, a new bus stop called Kalaignar Centenary Bus Terminus (KCBT) has just opened. It started running on December […]