Why OMR is the Best Location for Investing in Real Estate?

Old Mahabalipuram Road, popularly known as OMR is the area between Madhya Kailash Junction and Thiruporur stretching to about 35 km. In recent times, OMR has turned to be the hotspot of real estate investment. This real estate growth is mainly because of IT development, good infrastructure, access to amenities, ease of connectivity, luxurious lifestyle, […]

Why Should You Choose Lancor as your Trusted Real Estate Partner?

Whether you are going to construct a home? Or purchase a new apartment? A dedicated, realiable real estate builder is what you need to look out for.   Choosing a builder for your home is an important step. Reliable developers will be cautious in delivering the best quality projects in the exact way you envisioned at […]

Why Should You Invest in Real Estate During this Slow Down Period?

Many of you would have kept your home purchase plan on hold because of the global pandemic outbreak, but investing in real estate during this challenging time  will be the smartest move!  Here, our Lancor team has clearly spelt it out why is it a good time to invest in real estate properties during this […]

Why Sriperumbudur is the Trending Real-Estate Hub in Chennai?

Are you curious to know the interesting aspects of investing in Sriperumbudur? Sriperumbudur is one of the rapidly growing regions because of the establishment of manufacturing companies, automobile industries, educational institutions, health centers, and so on. These are the prominent features that make Sriperumbudur a highly demanding region in the real estate world. In this […]