Are you curious to know the interesting aspects of investing in Sriperumbudur?

Sriperumbudur is one of the rapidly growing regions because of the establishment of manufacturing companies, automobile industries, educational institutions, health centers, and so on. These are the prominent features that make Sriperumbudur a highly demanding region in the real estate world.

In this blog, we have covered the reasons Sriperumbudur has become a preferred choice for home buyers. By the end of the blog, you will get an idea about the benefits you get by investing in this developing region. 

Let’s begin.

Proximity to Essentials

Sriperumbudur is the right place for real estate investment because of its proximity to facilities. It has all the topnotch essentials such as healthcare centers, educational organizations, financial institutes, daycares, transport channels, etc. Moreover, the schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, and bus stands are available. Since all these essentials are located nearby, you can lead a hassle-free lifestyle.

Perfect Fusion of Employment & Educational Opportunities

Another important benefit of investing in Sriperumbudur is the ease of access to amenities like schools, colleges, universities, automobile companies, etc. Schools like Apollo Vidyashram, Hayagriva Vidhyashram school, etc and colleges like the Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, etc are situated in this region. 

Also, automobile manufacturing companies like Renault Nissan, Hyundai, Ford, Royal Enfield, etc and electronic MNCs like Motorola, Dell, Samsung, etc have laid their foundation here. Therefore, an ambitious person living in this inspiring quarter can get the perks of staying in proximity to social-economic zones and experiencing both educational & employment benefits.

As Sriperumbudur is at proximity to manufacturing and mechanical industries, the apartments in this region provide access to world-class amenities including mini theatres, well-structured auditoriums, swimming pools, gyms, and more that make you stay convenient. 

Centre to Religion, Entertainment and Fine Dining

Serving as a gateway to “The City of Thousand Temples” – Kanchipuram and the well renowned Thiruthani Temple, Sriperumbudur is also blessed with its own fair share of historical prominence. For example, Sri Ramanuja – the exponent of Vishishtadvaita philosophy was born here and the temple built in his memory is a famous landmark in Sriperumbudur. Apart from holding such high prominence in religion and culture, Sriperumbudur is home to some of Chennai’s most prominent entertainment zones and eateries.  Chennai’s largest theme park, Queensland is Sriperumbudur’s largest entertainment zone and is as big as it gets.   In terms of entertainment coupled with fine dining, nothing beats Choki Dhani, a mini Rajasthani village that brings to life colourful Rajasthani heritage while serving some of Rajasthan’s finest delicacies.

Ease of Connectivity

Sriperumbudur has become a popular spot for real estate investment not just with the growing numbers of prolific industries and social-economic zones such as SIPCOT industrial park, telecom, electronic manufacturing companies etc. but also mainly because of the ease of connectivity it offers from parts of the city by bus.  Every day from morning to night, there are buses at regular intervals from the heart of Chennai City on the oneside and from other directions like Kancheepuram, Chenglepet, from Tiruvallur on the otherside. And also from koyambedu Bus Terminus to Sriperumbudur Town.  This kind of public transport connectivity is due to the roads facilitating comparatively a lesser-traffic and has a much broader width on either direction. This has turned Sriperumbudur into one of the good places to live in. 

Attractive Residential Apartments at Affordable Price

When there are so many opportunities for employment, education and entertainment Sriperumbudur is also well known for the premium residential apartments at an affordable price. These apartments furnish top-notch facilities such as club-house, indoor/outdoor game zones, meditation hall, walking/jogging track, swimming pools, and more at your door-step. If you are curious to learn more about the important amenities to look for in a premium apartment, click here.   

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Wrapping Up

Sriperumbudur has turned out to be one of the topmost investment destinations due to the above reasons. If you wish to live a comfortable & luxurious living, then Sriperumbudur will be the best choice. 

We hope that this article provides you a better understanding of Sriperumbudur becoming the preferred real estate hub spot for most of the homebuyers. If you wish to get any help from top real estate agents to buy an apartment in Sriperumbudur, you can contact (+91 8144 787 405) our Lancor team anytime. 

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