Ways to Manage Stress When Buying a New Home

Ways to Manage Stress When Buying a New Home

When buying a home, you have to consider a lot of things like location, purchase price, and much more. These things should be considered carefully as they play an important role in buying a new home. At times, you may get stressed because of these things. Our Lancor team is here to give you some […]

Strong Reasons to Buy Property in Chennai

Strong Reasons to Buy Property in Chennai

For the past few years, the modern city, Chennai has shown great development in the social, economic and education sectors. Chennai is actually a familiar city for various reasons. Currently, it is becoming famous for real estate properties, plots, apartments & villas. Investing in real estate properties has become trending in Chennai as the city […]

Real Estate Trends for 2020

Real Estate Trends for 2020

It is true that the real estate market has gone through certain ups and downs, yet it is a strong competitor for other industries. Additionally, the buyer’s preferences change according to the trends. To keep you updated on the changing real estate industry trends, our Lancor team has collected the main ones which are going […]

A complete guide for NRIs to deal with immovable inherited property

Making a real estate investment in India is one of the major decisions for most of the NRIs as it involves various types of tax and regulatory implications. However, taking ownership of a property through inheritance is a different scenario altogether. Inheriting an immovable property is not a choice, but, it is something which is […]

How to design your apartment for senior living

When you are transforming your apartment into a living space suitable for senior citizens, it is important to keep in mind a few factors like functionality, convenience, comfort and safety. While giving prominence to these factors, it is also crucial to focus on attractive design elements that can enhance the aesthetic integrity of the property. […]

Summer Cooling: Tips and tricks to cool down your home without an AC

Can you imagine living through Indian summers without an air conditioner? It sounds impossible to stay indoors without an AC. However, prolonged usage of air conditioners leads to increased power consumption. This is exactly why you need to find ways to cool down your home without an AC. Wondering how to keep your house cool […]

Decoding essential real estate terms

Before you kickstart the process of buying your dream home, it is important to understand the commonly used terminologies and jargons in the Indian real estate.  Keeping yourself informed about real estate terminology not only facilitates smooth property transactions but also helps you save a fortune in the future. A fair knowledge on basics of […]

7 moving tips to bear in mind while shifting to a new house

Shifting to a new house is indeed one of the biggest moments of your life. Whether you are moving to your dream home or a rented house, adequate preparation and planning are the two important aspects that you need to keep in mind. From decluttering and packing to ensuring basic amenities and updating your address, […]

Benefits of living in a gated community

Over the years, the evolution of gated communities has led to a complete transformation of the Indian real estate industry. The concept of gated communities has also redefined the meaning of urban living in the sense that a huge chunk of the millennial population is looking to invest in a gated community as a necessity […]