Over the years, the evolution of gated communities has led to a complete transformation of the Indian real estate industry. The concept of gated communities has also redefined the meaning of urban living in the sense that a huge chunk of the millennial population is looking to invest in a gated community as a necessity rather than a luxury. Not just for millennials, gated communities are the perfect match for many senior citizens and families who are looking for a comfortable lifestyle with a wide array of top notch amenities and infrastructure.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider moving to a gated community:


Safe and secure environment

What motivates most people to move to a gated community is the fact that it provides an extremely safe and secure environment. The most striking feature is the presence of well-guarded security systems. Majority of the gated communities tie up with premium security agencies in the city to employ man power. When it comes to electronic security, gated community apartments are equipped with the best of CCTV surveillance technology. Another great advantage is the presence of fixed entry and exit points that prevent the movement of unauthorised people within the premises of the apartment complex. Gated community apartments are a great option for families with children. You can let your kids play freely without having to worry about strangers and moving traffic.

Community living at its best

There is no better place than a gated community to experience the spirit of community living at its best. Gated community apartments and villas are the best choices if you are looking to forge new relationships and mingle with individuals from different sections of the society. From young children and teenagers to millennials and senior citizens, everyone invokes a sense of belonging and responsibility towards every member of the residential complex. Another factor that contributes to familiarity and trust among homeowners is the presence of residential associations that hosts a plethora of events such as picnics, health camps and cultural activities. Being a part of such social activities is a great way to strengthen your relationships with your neighbours.

World class amenities

Gated communities also offer a pool of world class amenities and facilities required for a superior lifestyle. Over the years, real estate developers have transformed urban living. They are not just looking to provide a home to their customers, but also all that is required to build a smart community. From swimming pools to the kid’s play area, community halls to grocery stores and schools to office spaces, gated communities are indeed a sanctuary of amenities for a well-rounded lifestyle.  Apart from these premium amenities, gated communities also offer a plethora of efficient utility services such as integrated waste management systems, power back-up and rain water harvesting systems. Imagine incorporating all these amenities in a standalone building; you’ll almost end up burning a hole in your pocket!

Great social infrastructure

While searching for a dream home, one of the most important factors that home buyers take into consideration is the quality of the social infrastructure surrounding the gated community apartment complex. Most of the gated communities are located in strategic locations in the city with proximity to all the leading schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls and IT Tech Parks. Apart from being close to essential hubs, gated communities also have accessible transport lines – be it rail or road transport. In case, if the distance between your home and workplace is quite long, then why not think about investing in a gated community apartment or a villa and lead a stress free life?

Serene lifestyle

An important factor that contributes to peaceful living is the absence of moving traffic and vehicular pollution. Gated community apartments are a great choice to unwind yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city. Majority of the gated community apartment complexes have lush greenery and beautifully designed landscaped gardens that improve the quality of air and thus promote a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, most of the reputed real estate builders have incorporated sustainable and green living concepts into their architectural designs. From kitchen gardens to rooftop and vertical gardens, gated community apartments are a great option to explore different types of urban gardening.

 Apart from these benefits discussed above, a gated community is a great choice if you are looking for a viable investment option. Investing in a gated community apartment or a villa from a trusted builder will fetch you high returns in the future.

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