Everyone wants their family and home to be safe and secure, so having a proper home security system in their home has become a necessity.  Getting home insurance can cover any financial losses after an event occurs, but you can proactively prevent these things from happening in the first place. Home security solutions have advanced by leaps and bounds today, helping you minimize any danger. By taking advantage of the new gadgets available in the market, you can ensure that your loved ones, valuables and everything else within your home is protected. Here are the top five security features you should consider adding to your home to remove any potential threats.

Audible alarms at entry points

Audible alarm systems sound off as soon as a break-in is detected. These alarms are useful in two ways: they alert you to the presence of an intruder and they scare away potential intruders from entering your home. Alarm systems need to be placed at every possible entry point of your home. This includes your front door, windows and even at fire exits. Since these alarms are triggered by movement, they will raise an alert as soon as they detect anyone entering your home.

Strategically placed surveillance cameras 

Surveillance cameras are one of the most popular security measures available today. These cameras can be placed at the entrances of your home so they can catch any break-in that takes place. The presence of security cameras usually deters intruders as they know they will be caught on tape. It also helps you identify suspects in the event that a break-in does occur.

There are many different types of surveillance cameras available today so you can choose one depending upon your budget and needs. Some cameras are equipped to take high-quality footage even in low light conditions. There are also motion-sensor security cameras which start recording only when they detect movement. This can save you hours of unnecessary footage.

Motion sensitive lights

One of the biggest deterrents to intruders is light. It makes them easier to identify and increases the chances of someone noticing the break-in. This is why motion sensor lights can go a long way in helping you prevent a break-in at night. These lights automatically turn on when they detect any movement. If you have surveillance cameras installed, they can also help you get clearer footage of any intruder that enters your home, helping you identify the suspect better. Since you will need to switch out your regular lights for motion sensitive ones, it’s a good idea to install this during the home renovation process. 

Immediate alerts to emergency contacts

Many alarm systems today can be programmed to send your emergency contacts an alert as soon as a break-in is detected. It could either be through a text message or through a call. This feature allows other people to send help even if you are unable to call them yourself. You can also set up your number as one of the emergency contacts so you will be instantly alerted about a break-in even if you aren’t at home. This can be very important because statistically, most burglaries take place between 6 am-6 pm, which is when you are most likely to be away at work. This feature will also help you relax when you’re on vacation because you know your home is secured. 

Smoke alarms and gas leak detectors

 Sometimes, the threat to your family’s safety isn’t from outside intruders, but from small accidents within your home. A fire or gas leak can have disastrous consequences unless you catch it very early. But a lot of times, especially when we are sleeping or are away from home, it’s impossible to detect it until it’s too late. This is why smoke alarms and gas leak detectors are so important. As soon as smoke or a gas leak is detected, these gadgets raise an alarm so you can take care of it before any damage is caused. Many smoke alarms also come with automatic sprinklers, so a fire can be put out immediately.

These security features can help make you protect your family from potential threats. But for your home to be truly safe, it should be in a secured complex. Gated communities from  Lancor are equipped with 24×7 security guards, surveillance cameras and fire safety equipment that can tackle almost every security threat. This is why,buying a home in a secured community can give you complete peace of mind.

5 Home Security Features to Keep Your Family Safe-Lancor