Chennaiyil Ayodhya – Events by Lancor

Chennaiyil Ayodhya – Celebration of Opening of Ayodhya Temple on 22nd January 2024… @ Lancor Head Office Celebrating the ecstasy of the return of Sri Ram to His rightful abode in Ayodhya, Lancor conducted a Pooja at its Head Office on Jan 22nd. The staff members participated with full enthusiasm and hearty chants of Jai […]

How Does Infrastructure Impact Real Estate Prices?

How Does Infrastructure Impact Real Estate Prices - Lancor

How Does Infrastructure Impact Real Estate Prices Imagine your dream home in Chennai. Maybe a cozy flat with a balcony overlooking the Marina, or a spacious villa in the cool embrace of OMR. But what if the road to that dream was riddled with potholes, and the once-bustling neighborhood you envisioned turned quiet because of […]


Embarking on a new chapter in life, especially for seniors, demands careful consideration and a nurturing environment. Lancor presents a unique proposition with senior-friendly villa plots that redefine the concept of peaceful living. From assisted site visits to crafting personalized homes, this community of 100 plus families is dedicated to providing a holistic and supportive […]