Diwali Post

Lancor wishes you all a Very Happy Diwali. May this day filled with Joy, Happy, Peace and Prosperity in your life.!!


Based on the demographic work done by researchers, certain geographical locations in the world have been identified as ‘Blue Zones’. Quite the popular topic of conversation in recent times – these zones are known for being the home to some of the world’s longest-lived communities. People from these zones are known for having low incidences […]

Easy ways to correct the mistakes in Encumbrance Certificate

Those who buy houses or plots need to look into its encumbrance certificate (also known as EC) to know the previous transactions.  The Encumbrance Certificate reveals all the transactions pertaining to the property, be it genuine or otherwise. But, most of us gets a doubt on whether we should look into the EC at all […]

Why Should I Buy My Own Home – Now!

2020 has been atough year for everyone, more so for thoseliving in a rented house. Well,thereisgreat news for such folks and the time to buy a new home has never been so right. What was a struggle for everyone in the initial phase of COVID-19,has resulted in favour to the home buyers. Many top realtors […]

Sriperumbudur gets all the attention! Again.

Sriperumbudur is getting all the attention again as it is becoming once again  the strongest contender for the planned & proposed second airport that will be required after the terminals at the existing airport reach saturation point. The keenness to look at this location as a potential site for a Greenfield Airport has revived after […]

Now is the best time to buy a home

According to Google, COVID-19 is the most searched word in the year 2020.  It has rapidly become a part of our everyday conversations and the negative vibe it brings does not seem to end. Yet, COVID-19 has established a few positive things to look forward to. One such thing is buying a home. Although a […]

Rental v/s Owning – The Independence of Living Independent

Rent versus owning a home is a highly debatable topic and those who advocate the former often argue that a rental home costs less when compared to buying a home. While those who favour the latter, cite the freedom that it offers. This blog is here to settle this debate once and for all. The […]

A sensible investment avenue even during the times of lockdown!

In general, investments gives substantial returns depending on the kind one chooses and how meticulously she/he plans it. The duration of the investment one chooses also decides whether it is the wise choice of a person or not at a given point in time.  These factors play all the more a vital role when it […]

Choosing the right builder

This blog expands on reasons as to why you should choose the right builder. Buying a home is not just a dream, but a life’s work that people put in. The value placed on it is a measure beyond emotions and sentiments. On the other hand, it certainly creates a lot fear and only the […]

Home – A safety shelter & beyond

COVID-19 has changed the world and the way we live beyond our imagination. Nearly 7 million cases and 3 lakh deaths around the world, thisera has quickly become a disastrous period in modern times. Despite tragedy, COVID-19 hastaught us a few valuable lessons.One such is the importance of home and family. The idea of a […]

The advantage of buying Lancor homes

Lancor Holdings Ltd., one of Chennai’s top real-estate companies has hallmarked its footprint in Southern India, by creating not just wonderful homes but rather well-knit communities and relationships for the last 35 years. Lancor has always sought to establish new benchmarks in property development by satisfying customers’ needs and providing them with world-class facilities.  8 […]

Asia’s Biggest Bus Terminus right at the footsteps of Guduvanchery!

Once a sleepy downtown, currently the buzzing, fast-growing suburb called Guduvanchery has become the favorite property purchase destination in Chennai. From never-seen before public infrastructure facilities to multiple modes of non-stop connectivity to and from Guduvanchery has made it the key location of choice for every middle class family who looks for a home just […]