Gear up for 2018 by revamping your home with some extremely simple ideas. Apart from buying new furniture and disposing of old ones, there are a lot more things you can experiment with to make your house significantly better and beautiful.

Home decor renovation ideas - Lancor

Add some colour

Walls occupy a significant portion of the house and redoing it will add that much-needed verve to the house. While painting the walls will enhance the look of the house, investing in wall textures will make it more fun. Pick a colour and texture and do up an empty side of the wall. Paint the other sides of the wall in a tone that is a contrast to the texture. This way your house looks as good as new. Make sure you choose colours and textures that match the furniture in the house.

Let there be light

The light fittings in your home apart from its functionality can be aesthetically appealing as well.  The light fixtures are also a low-cost way of giving your home a makeover. Something as simple as adding a chandelier can be a fantastic way to make the room look elegant. If you are someone who likes to underplay it, choose inbuilt accent lights that are part of the furniture shelves. If you have an apartment that has interiors that are modern and a mix of colours that stand out, using a standalone focus light is a great idea. Not only does this add light to the room but also makes the room look more stylish.

Change the flooring

Most sophisticated home designs have best in class flooring. From marbles that shimmer to beautifully designed tiles that add life to the house, the right type of flooring is fundamental and largely affects the way your house looks. Choose a colour and design that goes with your wall and furniture to get that chic look. You can also add a rug that coordinates with the flooring in case the design of the floor you have chosen is plain.  If you have a stairway within your house, you can consider giving it hardwood flooring. The wooden finish is extremely sophisticated and never goes out of fashion.

Add some greenery to your balcony

Whether you like plants or not; there is something calming about sitting amidst nature and unwinding. The best way to do this is by creating a balcony garden or lawn.  Convert your balcony space into a mini garden by using small potted plants and creepers. To give it the perfect garden-like appearance, you can also cover the floor with a turf. Add a few wicker chairs or cane furniture and a mini coffee table, and you are all set for a quiet evening. 

Don’t ignore the kitchen

When we think of redoing our house, the bedrooms and living rooms is what comes to our mind. The kitchen is something that we all tend to ignore. A well set up kitchen with modern fittings can change the look and feel of the house. While you can completely give the kitchen a makeover by adding the latest appliances, you can also do smaller changes like adding wall art or built-in storage.

Convert your window into a work of art

For a very long time, windows have been used as a purely functional entity. But now, convert your windows into a work of art. Painting your windows can be a beautiful way to elevate the appearance of your house. Choose bright colours such as red, yellow and green to make your house look bright when the sun falls directly on to the glass. Not only does this make it look striking from the inside, but your house will also look stunning from the outside as well. You can choose the kind of art you want depending upon the area of the house.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced one, the décor of the house can make or break the ambiance.  If you are planning to invest in real estate, make sure you check our blog on the important amenities an apartment should have. Head out to Lancor today to find your dream home.