Gated communities are the newest trend in the real estate industry. They provide a sense of security to all its residents with a plethora of amenities, eliminating the need to step out of the compound. Read on for a consolidated list of the top five important amenities every apartment should have to offer its residents a happy home to live in.

5 important amenities an apartment should have

Fitness and grooming:

Over the past decade, our society has witnessed an increase in gyms and health care centres around the nation. Everyone is taking up fitness as a lifestyle with the increase in healthcare awareness across the globe. Many real estate developers have noticed this trend and are coming up with measures to provide their residents with all the fitness-related amenities possible. A state-of-the-art gymnasium with professional trainers is a must for every gated community. Additionally, many developments even have fitness centres with professional yoga instructors and nutritionists for the benefit of their residents. Keeping the elderly residents in mind, these communities have thoughtfully designed jogging tracks surrounded by lush greenery for a perfect brisk walk, as you soak in the crisp morning breeze.

Apart from fitness, many developments also offer parlor and grooming services to make sure their residents look their best without the need to step out of the compound.


What is life without a little recreation? For the convenience of their valued residents, gated communities now offer a multitude of recreational services. It is now common for every group of apartments to have a top-notch party hall, an extensive library catering to adults and kids, and an amphitheater for movie previews and presentations. A few townships even have a multi-purpose hall to host exhibitions and for community discussions.

Kids’ Corner:

Apartments and kids go hand-in-hand. Many families move to such large communities due to the abundance of kids around. With so many children living in one place, it is natural for real estate developers to provide their residents with a wide range of kid-friendly amenities to keep the little ones happy and occupied. Many developments have expansive parks for the tiny tots to have a good time. They even have a nursery or crèche with trained staff for the benefit of working parents. These nurseries are often built with an indoor play area and an arts and craft or ‘hobby’ corner for older kids.

Athletics and sports:

Almost all the top-notch apartments in the city (and in the outskirts) offer their residents an extensive range of sport-related amenities. Every gated community is now designed with an ultra-modern swimming pool to cool off on a hot day. Apart from swimming, the other sports-related amenities offered include basketball courts, tennis courts, cricket lawns and squash courts. Additionally, these amenities also include coaching classes and are often monitored my trained professionals, for the benefit and safety of the residents.


Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, there is a wide range of lifestyle amenities which make a gated community stand out from the rest. These amenities focus on our day-to-day needs. Few of these premium services include a comprehensive supermarket, an ATM machine, a bakery, a chat corner for casual evening snacks and a coffee shop or a restaurant for the residents to indulge in, once in a while.

Making sure all these amenities are present will make it easier for you to spot your dream home and buy it. Whether you live in a bachelor pad, or in a large joint family, living in a gated community is the futuristic way of living which is here to stay! Visit Lancor today and find yourself a house you can call home.