Whether you are going to construct a home? Or purchase a new apartment? A dedicated, realiable real estate builder is what you need to look out for.  

Choosing a builder for your home is an important step. Reliable developers will be cautious in delivering the best quality projects in the exact way you envisioned at the promised tme. In this blog, you are going to learn about why you could choose us, Lancor and how we commit ourselves to reliability, transparency to our customers,  every single time.. 

By the end of this blog, you will get a better understanding of the benefits of choosing us, Lancor over others as your real estate partner. 

Let’s dive in.

Decades of experience in the Real Estate Field

Developers experience in the field is the first thing you should consider before choosing an apartment project to buy your house. We have a proven track record of  consistent performance over 35+ years in the real estate business in the Chennai market. Being an experienced builder, we use our knowledge we gained in the industry, about material standards, real estate regulation acts, and others. To know us even better, you can go through our company’s history, portfolio, associates, experience, projects delivered, etc on our official website www.lancor.in  

Good Reputation

Looking at the well-earned reputation of any builder is of important for a prospective buyer. A good builder who has consistently delivered quality projects and on time too to its clients would have earned surely prestigious awards for their efforts. 

At Lancor, we too have our own share of recognitions from the industry that includes the Highest Customer Protection award, LEED Green Building certification for launching eco-friendly projects, Highest Transparency award, and more. Click here to learn more about how to choose a real estate agent before buying a home.  

Proper Registrations

Before choosing a builder to buy your house, you should verify if that company is properly licensed. We, Lancor have properly registered ourselves on the real estate regulatory authority (RERA) forum. Moreover, being a public limited our financial results and filing are done every quarter as per the norms and published too for view. With a properly registered builder like us, you  don’t need to worry about paper works, extra charges, time delays, insurances, and others since we strictly main industry norms, processes and transparency too in our dealings. Most importantly, such diligent adherence to maintaining standards across functions helps a builder like us deliver quality project every single time and gain hundreds of customers as the satisfied residents at our apartments. Also, such high quality compliance consistently helps continue to launch with credibility new, new residential and commercial projects in newer locations.  amenities.      

Sincere in Maintaining Promises

Most of the developers offer lots of promises, but only a few of them are sincere in keeping up. At Lancor, we are open-minded to our home buyers regarding the policies we follow. Moreover, at the time of delivery, we never ask for any extra charges other than the cost of the property unless there are changes in the Government’s property estimation cost. 

Unless there is a natural calamity or pandemic lockdown or other issues, nothing can withhold us from delivering timely projects to our clients. These sincere activities support us to construct good quality homes for you within a short span of time at affordable prices. 

Easy to Communicate

The real estate industry is booming and there is an increase in the number of developers around the city. Good builders give space for their clients to easily interact with them. If there is no proper way to communicate with the builders, then it cannot be trusted as a reliable developer. 

At Lancor, we have experienced team of real estate professionals to answer all your queries related to properties, cost, locations, etc. You can feel free to connect us via our online chatbots, social media channels, phone, and emails. We are available 24/7 to find you the best solutions for home buying.    

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Wrapping Up

Thus, good builders can help you in confident and smooth decision-making, explain unfamiliar terms and conditions, easy to communicate with, and more. 

We hope that the above-curated list of points would have explained why you can believe in us  us to be your trusted real estate partner in the industry. 

If you are planning to buy a house with us that meets your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact (+91 8144 787 405) us. We have a an array of aparment projects ready for you to choose and occupy based on your preferred location so that your long-time dream of owning a home comes true.