Imagine Chennai holidays: busy families, excited friends, all wanting to escape city life. But the bus stand, poor Koyambedu, bursts with long lines, late buses, and tickets gone faster than fireworks. It’s a holiday travel mess!

Thankfully, a new bus stop called Kalaignar Centenary Bus Terminus (KCBT) has just opened. It started running on December 30, 2023, and the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, M.K. Stalin, officially opened it. This huge 88.52-acre place was made for more than two lakh passengers every day, and they spent about Rs. 3.94 crore to build it and make it better.

Now, instead of everyone squeezing into one place, passengers can spread out, making lines shorter and platforms less crowded. More buses mean less waiting, and more routes mean finding the perfect one for your trip. It’s like magic – holiday travel, calm and organized!

So, next holiday, instead of fighting at Koyambedu, check out Kilambakkam. With a little planning, your holiday journey can be smooth and happy, just like it should be!

The Kalaignar Centenary Bus Terminus (KCBT) Facilities, Kilambakkam


  • Bus Parking: Dedicated 300 resting spots for buses, so they’re ready to whisk you away when it’s your turn and minimize congestion on platforms.
  • Car Parking: 275 cozy car parking spots for passengers car while they wait.
  • Two-Wheeler Parking: A massive 3,582 two-wheeler parking lot caters to a large number of commuters using motorcycles and scooters.

Passenger Amenities

  • A Big Waiting Area: A bright and cool air-conditioned public place is there for passengers to wait comfortably.
  • Mom’s Room: There’s a special room for moms with comfy seats and nursing facilities for traveling with little ones.
  • Doctor’s Place: A fully functioning medical center is available for minor medical emergencies and first aid needs.
  • Hospital Spot: A special hospital area with qualified medical people for checkups and basic treatments.
  • Bag Space: Safe spots to store your luggage while you’re moving around the bus stop or exploring Chennai.
  • Cloakroom: Cloakrooms provide temporary storage for smaller items like handbags or valuables.
  • Cash Machines: Multiple ATMs located throughout the terminus ensure easy access to cash for travelers.


  • Passenger Dormitories: Separate dormitories for men and women offer affordable overnight accommodation for long-distance travelers or those with late-night arrivals/departures.
  • Driver Dormitories: A dedicated dormitory provides rest space for drivers, ensuring their well-being and safety during long journeys.

Food and Retail

  • Restaurants: Two full-fledged restaurants with different flavors to tickle your taste buds, offering both sit-down dining and takeaway options.
  • Retail Stores: 40 diverse retail stores within the terminus provide everything from travel essentials and snacks to souvenirs and local handicrafts.


  • Ticket Counters: Multiple ticket counters ensure streamlined purchase of bus tickets for various destinations.
  • Transport Offices: Dedicated offices for different transport companies are readily accessible for inquiries and assistance.
  • Time Offices: Information desks and displays provide accurate and updated arrival and departure times for all buses.
  • Security: A robust security system with CCTV cameras and trained personnel ensures the safety of passengers and their belongings.
  • Electrical Rooms: Adequate electrical infrastructure supports the smooth operation of all facilities and lighting throughout the terminus.

Coming Soon – Metro!

The Kilambakkam bus stop will soon be connected to the Chennai Metro Blue Line and Purple Line, making it even easier for people to get around the city using public transportation. So, the Kilambakkam bus stop is made to be a really good place for travelers, with lots of things to make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Investing in Kilambakkam’s Real Estate: How the New Bus Terminus is Paving the Way for Lucrative Returns

The new Kilambakkam bus stop is making the nearby land and house market more exciting for people thinking about investing. Here’s why it’s a good idea

Investing in Kilambakkam's Real Estate How the New Bus Terminus is Paving the Way for Lucrative Returns - Lancor

Easier to Get Around

  • The bus stop connects Chennai to nearby places by bus and soon, the metro. This makes it easier for people to travel and attracts new businesses and residents
  • With better ways to get around, properties nearby might become more valuable
  • Consider investing in apartments with the guidance of seasoned property developers such as Lancor Lumina Guduvanchery.

Lots of Business and Jobs

  • More people coming to the bus stop and new businesses opening up mean more jobs
  • More people looking for places to live, work, and shop can increase the value of properties in the area

Better Stuff Around

  • The government and others will probably work on improving things like roads, water, and electricity around the bus stop
  • This makes life better for people living there and makes the area more appealing for investment
  • There might be new malls, hospitals, schools, and fun places, making it an even better place to live

Prices Are Good (For Now)

  • Compared to other parts of Chennai, the prices for land and houses in Kilambakkam are still reasonable
  • People who invest early might see their property become worth more as the area grows

Different Ways to Invest

  • Houses or plots for people to live in or rent out could be a good idea
  • Businesses like shops or restaurants near the bus stop could do well, serving both travelers and locals
  • Research and know the advantages of investing in Kilambakkam


The Kilambakkam Terminus is more than just steel and glass; it’s a symbol of progress, a gateway to the vibrant south, and a promise of convenience for travelers and residents alike. Whether you’re a seasoned commuter, a curious explorer, or a potential investor, Kilambakkam has something to offer. With its modern facilities, efficient connections, and vibrant atmosphere, it’s poised to become a bustling hub in the heart of Chennai’s southern suburbs. 

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