A refrain which is heard more and more!

“Oh no, the maid isn’t coming today also! So much of cleaning to do. And the cook too is om leave. What should I do?” Sounds familiar? This is a common refrain for most families today. Getting household help that too at short notice can indeed be dauting and certainly highly irritating. Add to it the increasing incidents of strangers offering help actually turning out to be robbers and sometimes even murderers for gain.

Meeting real needs

It is precisely to answer these needs that a few apartment complexes offer value added, at cost facilities like serving meals at doorstep and house-keeping services. Not only these services are monitored for quality but also the provider is verified to ensure safety and security. And as these are generally pay by use, you do not have get struck to someone you don’t want.

The idea of luxury living is getting more popular nowadays, and if you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience without compromising on quality – then apartments with integrated food, medical and housekeeping services might be just what you need. Now we will examine why these opulent homes are so attractive, how they can provide a better level of service than traditional dwellings, as well as which amenities they offer that make life easier.

Much more than just a dwelling

Apartments located within complexes offering such lifestyle services have several advantages over regular properties or hotels. Firstly, residents will benefit from having access to an all-encompassing app whereby ordering meals becomes effortless; furthermore there is a concierge at hand who willingly does any chores like grocery shopping, laundry drop offs – allowing home owners freedom when arranging their own day. Secondly these residences generally give helpful perks related to entertainment where it can come in various forms – cinema rooms/a game zone equipped with Xboxes & amusement park vouchers/ poolside loungers etc . Thirdly quite possibly the most important feature associated with this kind of dwelling is its 24-hour health center staffed by highly trained personnel – therefore tenant’s won’t ever worry about not being able to take care of themselves properly should something happen; additionally family members residing elsewhere don’t feel helpless knowing help could arrive shortly.

Scalable services to meet emerging lifestyles

Depending on the demand, the food services are expanded to offer a wide variety including made to order as per your choice. The housekeeping in addition to routine maintenance can include highly professional services like deep cleaning of toilets and pest control. While most of them provide first-aid and primary care, many of them have tie-up with nearby hospitals to attend to emergencies and critical cases. Also, a vehicle is kept as a standby, should urgent transport be required.

Looking at the future

To conclude, these apartments which provide integrated food, medical and house-keeping services are becoming more and more attractive as they have successfully harnessed technology to add efficiency and reliability to the delivery of these services. They are no doubt the harbinger of the future when technology will paly a major role in enhancing our life style and living preferences.

Do You Know? Lancor Lumina Guduvanchery Apartment projects have Inhouse Food, House Keeping and Medical Assistance* Facilities(Terms and conditions apply)