Are you planning to move to a new residential unit

There are overwhelming options for you to decide and reside. Before moving into a residential community, it’s good that you’ve an idea about the pros and cons. For this post, we’ve chosen two residential units – gated community vs builder floor apartment. 

Every residential unit will have its own advantages as well as disadvantages, you can never expect ‘only pros’ in a residential property. So, research these pros and cons of gated community vs builder floor apartments, and make a decision that will meet your preferences.  

Let’s get started.

1. What is a Gated Community? 

What is Gated Community - Lancor
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Gated community is a residential area which gives home buyers a sense of poshness. For people who are looking for a secure at the same time luxury living space, a gated community would be the best choice. 

If you’re desirous to move to a gated community apartment, you can find a premium lifestyle with a highly-standard security system round-the-clock and plethora of amenities such as clubhouses, pools, stadiums, theatres, spas, and more. 

2. What is a Builder Floor Apartment? 

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Builder floor apartments are low-rise apartments, unlike those high-rise residential apartments. These builder floor apartments will have two to three floors, like, ground, first, and second floors. Each floor will have two to four homes and will be occupied by residents.

If you’re a lover of the apartment lifestyle but at the same time looking for living space without breaking the bank, then you can definitely opt for a builder floor apartment. And moreover, the maintenance charges will also be at a reasonable price. 

3. Advantages & Disadvantages of Gated Community vs Builder Floor Apartments

Gated Community – Pros & Cons

Gated Community : Pros & Cons - Lancor

Gated community living is now becoming quite common in Chennai. Like every coin has two sides, gated community apartments also have both advantages and disadvantages which we’ve highlighted below.

Pros of Gated Community ApartmentsCons of Gated Community Apartments
Safe & Secure

24/7 security guards in every gate to monitor the entry of robbers, criminals, and strangers other than visitors

Physical harrasments and thefts will possibly be at a low rate
CCTV surveillance

Biometrics digital lock system for individual homes

Mobile app-based lock system

Electric fences
High HOA/maintenance charges

Highly-expensive than multi-storey apartments or independent villas

Some rules & guidelines may constrain your independence

Due to the high-end security, privacy may get violated at times while your relatives visit your home or food delivery
Gifted with Amenities

Swimming pool, tennis court, gym, relaxing spa, park, playing area, cycle riding space, mini theatre, mini supermarket, jogging track, yoga shed, meditation hall, skating rink, cafeteria, party lounge, library, and other stellar amenities
Sense of Community

Fun activities, festive events, community lunch/dinner parties, clubhouses - Based on the interests, people will foster communities like book lovers, badminton aspirants, gym freaks, kids gang, old-age clubs, and so on
No Solicitation

Due to the high security models like security guards, enclosed gates, and elevated walls, strangers like salespeople, survey takers, fund receivers, and others cannot walk in

Interested to explore the benefits of a gated community in detail, checkout our blog. 

Builder Floor Apartments – Pros & Cons

Builder Floor Apartments : Pros & Cons - Lancor

Builder floor apartments are gaining popularity among people living in urban areas across Chennai city. For homebuyers who don’t get impressed by multi-storey sky-touching apartments but wish for a private living space, builder floor apartments are a good destination. Now, let’s look at the advantages & disadvantages here.   

Pros of Builder Floor ApartmentsCons of Builder Floor Apartments
Essential needs will be met

Water, electricity, milk, laundry, parking lots, elevators, and so on
Easy access to plumbers, electricians incase of repairs, milkman, newspaper providers, clothes ironing services, vegetable sellers, and other essentials providers
Very few luxe amenities

Security is not that strong at times

Construction quality may be poor
Low maintenance charges

As there are no premium amenities, the maintenance charges will be comparatively low
Joint families

If you’re in a joint family, you can take the entire floor, and reside in different units

For a private, secure, comfy residing, the pricing ranges of builder floor apartments are comparatively low
Design your sweet home as you wish

When you move to a premium apartment, most of them are fully-furnished. Whereas in builder floor apartments, you can choose the paint colour, decors, furniture, and kitchen cabinets as you wish

What’s Your Next Move? 

In both gated community and builder floor apartments, you’ve both pros & cons. Depending on your requirements & preferences, you can choose the right one. 
If you’re looking to move to a gated community or builder floor, then feel free to reach our Lancor team. We offer both gated community, builder floor, multi-storey, senior living apartments exclusively in Chennai and nearby places. Reach out to our builders via +918144787405, and let’s take up the next move to find your dream home.