COVID-19 has changed the world and the way we live beyond our imagination. Nearly 7 million cases and 3 lakh deaths around the world, thisera has quickly become a disastrous period in modern times. Despite tragedy, COVID-19 hastaught us a few valuable lessons.One such is the importance of home and family.

The idea of a home for centuries was thought as nothing more than a roof or shelter. The global pandemic, the impositionof lockdowns across the globe andcampaigns like ‘stay home–stay safe’, have made us valueour homes and families.From being usedmerelyas a place ofstay, rest and shelter,homes have becomemuch more. As we learnt that homeswere the only the place that could keep us safe, we explored the possibilities of what else we could achieve with it.

These possibilities have also made companies realise the benefits of employees having towork from home. Although this wasdifficultfor many firms, it turned out to be better for some.Employees without having to hustle through traffic, stayingcloser to their family and with plenty of time available,working from homesaw them stay happier, be more productive andefficient.With happier employees and the possibility of reducing operational costs, companies have taken a serious look atthe benefits and the future ofworking from home. 

While this may seem positive, it hasn’t been the case for everyone. It has been a struggle for most people, who spent the lockdown in small and crampedhomes. Having to stay inside a confined space, many would have dreamt of owning larger houses. Keeping this in mind, this blog speaks about the benefits of owning a new-age home. There are Homes on the model school road in Sholinganallur, around babaji ashram school that are spaciously built within a healthy community and offering a bucket load of features and amenities. They offer a superior quality of life while not having to spend too much. With access to unlimited eateries, entertainment zones, shopping, education and healthcare, these new-age homes offers the best possible lifestyle based on one’s budget.