Festivals are a welcome break from hectic schedules. Celebrating festivals in your apartment is fun. It gives an amazing opportunity to build good relations with the society members. They also call for decoration. If you are planning to adorn your home, fret not. You have come to the right place.

Here are 8 best decoration ideas that will make your home festive ready.


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Flowers are naturally beautiful and make a place look vibrant. Plus, we all know the significance of flowers in pujas and festivals. Place bright and colorful flowers like mogra and decorate around the entrance door and windows. The fragrance of these flowers will fill your entire home.

Hanging Toran

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Placing hanging torans in the entrance door of your home and pooja room with mango or coconut leaves is considered auspicious. You can also take colorful cloths, cut it into toran shapes, place mirrors and hang it. Also, you can use beautiful Genda flower jhoomar hangings.

Arathi Thali

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You can indulge in prayers and fuse in the religious feeling with a Durga pooja thali. You can roll out the dough and draw the diety with pastel colors. Even for lamps, you can use the dough to create lamp-like shapes and fill it with ghee.


Apartments in Guduvanchery

Festive decoration will not be complete without a rangoli. These designs have a religious and purity touch. You can draw rangoli in the flooring of your living room, pooja room or any other room of your choice.

Traditional Diyas

Apartments in Guduvanchery

Diyas play an important part in Indian culture and has great religious symbolism. There are lots of fancy diyas available in the market like terra-cotta diyas and earthy diyas. You can place this diyas in your living room and pooja room. Apart from this, you can also use scented candles.


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Samai is a metallic diya stand used mostly in the southern part of India. You can buy this easily from the market in either silver or bronze. You can place this wherever you want and keep flowers around it.

Bells and Hangings

Apartments in Guduvanchery

You can use your creativity to decorate your hallway and staircase area with the classic Rajasthani puppets. Apart from this, you can also use elephant hangings and bells outside your pooja room.

Here is a graphic that sums up the entire post.

Flats in Guduvanchery, Chennai


By opting for the above decoration ideas, you can easily bring the festive mood into your home. Decorating your house for will not only give it a stunning look but also bring positive energy into your home.

People who live in the apartments constructed by Lancor celebrate festivels by organizing celebrations. Even cultural functions such as like rangoli, drawing, drama, dance, and singing competitions are conducted. Plus, we have seen many of the residents use the above decoration ideas too.

If you have not started to decorate your home or don’t know where to begin, the above ideas will definitely help you.

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