We know that the summer season is not only a period of raised temperature, it also shoots up the electricity bill. So we are about to address some wise hacks to keep your home cool in the scorching summer heat besides air conditioning that also helps in saving your electric bill.

You can easily save your utility bills and regular energy consumption with minimal efforts and alternatives. Here, we recommend five best tricks to keep your apartment cool for this summer.

Natural and Green Approach

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If your room is particularly humid due to the direct sunlight, then use cold water with peppermint essential oil in the aromatic diffuser to cool and purify the air. When it comes to clothing, wear cotton materials and use lighter shades that absorb less heat from the surrounding.

Also, try to make use of the natural sunlight, for example, dry your clothes outside rather than using an extra dryer cycle in the washing machine. Use breathable footwear, eat cold foods, and sleep on buckwheat pillow to reduce the heat flow.

Set a mini garden with some small indoor plants like aloe vera & peace lily on your favorite spot like balcony, near kitchen cabin or hall to relax and refresh yourself.

Install Solar Panels

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Solar panels help in meeting the power demands during summer. It is usually installed on roofs to convert the sun’s energy into electric power for the home. The price you spend for panel installation is completely worth the amount you save on your energy bill. The best way to utilize this solution is by installing solar panels depending on your family’s electricity requirements and usage.

Use Ceiling or Floor Fans

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Ceiling and floor fans help to circulate the air effectively, so turn off the air conditioner after a while and switch on the fans to spread the cool air throughout the room. At night, open the windows and switch on the fans to freshen your home. Also, turning your air conditioner off while you’re sleeping really lowers energy consumption too. Fans are your best friends during the night.

Focus on Cooling Your Body

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Change your bed covers to cotton to lower the heat. Also, place your mattress down & try to sleep on the floor by choosing a spot with good ventilation. The gentle breeze will cool your body naturally. Plus, you can also take cold showers to cool your body.

Get Your Air Conditioner Checked

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Maintain your air conditioner with periodical services to reduce energy consumption. Also changing and cleaning the air filters keeps off the dust and it will increase the life of your air conditioner too. Don’t forget to switch off the conditioner when it is not required.

Invest in Blackout Curtains

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Researchers found that 30% of heat unnecessarily come from outside. So try to block the sun rays which reach your indoors using blackout curtains. It helps in minimizing your room temperature and thereby helps in reducing your electricity bills.

Here is a graphic that sums up the entire post.

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We mainly encourage you to use curtains, shades, or blinds on your windows to deal with the hot weather. Also, close your primary or external doors to avoid heat transfer. For better air circulation, open the windows and doors for the cool air to get inside your home during the night time.

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