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Lancor, a renowned real estate major in South India, presents an exclusive opportunity to own ready-to-build premium secured villa plots in the divine town of Sriperumbudur with their latest offering, Temple Town. A thriving gated community spread over 13.36 acres, Temple Town boasts numerous inherent advantages that make it an ideal investment and a highly desirable residential location. All approvals are obtained, RERA No: TN/01/Layout/2534/2023 and DTCP Approval No 143/2021.

Midst of a Pre-Existing Community:

Temple Town finds itself adjacent to a flourishing community of over 100 families, who enjoy fully functional amenities and contribute to a vibrant atmosphere. The presence of residents from all generations adds vibrance to Temple Town, making it an incredibly happening place to live. This existing community elevates Temple Town to a highly sought-after residential locale.

Ready-to-Build Infrastructure and Lancor’s Expertise:

Temple Town has been meticulously designed with aesthetics and utility in mind. All the necessary facilities are in place, ready for construction to commence. Lancor offers expert assistance for those who wish to build their dream homes, right on the spot. Temple Town’s ready-to-build infrastructure ensures a seamless experience for homeowners.

Fully Operational Amenities:

Within our community, the Sri Swarna Mahalakshmi temple stands as a majestic symbol of solace and spirituality. Residents can celebrate festivals within the temple precincts, immersing themselves in the divine atmosphere. The Clubhouse, spanning an expansive area, offers a large party hall, meeting rooms, a well-equipped gym, a fully-functioning restaurant, a library, a refreshing swimming pool, and extensive green spaces. The convenience store, open from 6 am to 10 pm, caters to residents’ daily needs, while a medical center and a modern salon provide essential services, making Temple Town a self-sufficient community under Lancor Connect Program.

Strategic Location and Security Assurance:

Lancor Temple Town enjoys a strategic location, enhanced by Lancor’s commitment to security. Its proximity to workplaces minimizes commuting time, while providing a cleaner and healthier environment for residents. The holy city of Sriperumbudur is emerging as the preferred location for discerning homebuyers, seeking a peaceful and spiritually enriching place to live. Currently, over 100 families have decided to call Temple Town their home, testifying to its desirability.

Infrastructure Development and the Green Field Airport:

One significant development that has significantly increased the value of land in Sriperumbudur is the announcement of a green field airport in Parandur. Sriperumbudur, conveniently located midway between Parandur and Chennai, will benefit from the associated infrastructure development, including roads, rail connectivity, cargo storage, and more. With the bustling activities expected once the airport becomes operational, Sriperumbudur will become even more valuable, cementing Temple Town’s charm as a highly sought-after property location.

Temple Tourism and Cultural Richness :

Sriperumbudur and its surroundings are steeped in a rich cultural heritage, encompassing Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Buddhism. The abundance of ancient temples and shrines in Sriperumbudur – Sri Ramanujar temple, Guruvayurappan Temple etc along with its close proximity to Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur, and other spiritually significant towns, attracts the spiritually inclined and architectural enthusiasts alike. Temple Town’s allure is further enhanced by this cultural richness and the opportunity to immerse oneself in the aptly named Temple Town.

Educational Institutions, Healthcare, and Entertainment :

The area surrounding Temple Town is dotted with renowned schools, colleges, hospitals, and entertainment centers. These institutions, known for their excellence, are easily accessible from Temple Town and are favored by residents of Chennai as well.

Workplace Development and Employment Opportunities :

Sriperumbudur has long been known as an automobile manufacturing hub, attracting popular brands and auto ancillaries. The area’s strategic location has led to the development of a large integrated industrial estate nearby, offering abundant employment opportunities. This aspect, combined with its proximity to factories and offices, further enhances Sriperumbudur’s appeal as a preferred residential area.

Lancor Connect Program :

At Lancor, our unwavering dedication to the well-being of our customers is exemplified through the Lancor Connect Program. This program goes above and beyond to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and engagement. For the first two years, we provide meticulous monitoring and regular status updates of the plots, giving our customers peace of mind and confidence in their investments. As a part of this exclusive program, customers are granted inclusion in the Lancor Referral Program, offering them attractive benefits for recommending our services to others. Moreover, Lancor Connect members receive special invitations to attend exclusive events, granting them unique networking opportunities and memorable experiences. They also gain access to sneak previews of upcoming project launches, enabling them to be the first to know and avail of privilege prices. As a token of our appreciation, we offer five complimentary coupons to access facilities and amenities for up to four family members of each plot owner, ensuring that they enjoy an elevated lifestyle within our thriving communities.

At Lancor, we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, and the Lancor Connect Program stands as a testament to our commitment to their happiness and prosperity.

About Lancor Holdings:

Lancor Holdings Limited a Public Limited company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, has been creating landmarks through execution of commercial and residential development projects in Chennai for over 37 years. Among its more well-known projects include The Atrium, Westminster, Menon Eternity, and large-scale development in Sholinganallur under the title “The Central Park”.

Lancor apart from developing big projects in suburbs of Chennai has now intensified redevelopment of many city projects mainly through joint development efforts, thereby reducing capital investment in land with risks spread over several projects without compromising on margins in any significant way.

The development of city projects increases visibility of brand among high net worth individuals there by contributing referral business either in the course of selling apartments or sourcing new projects in the city for future development.

Lancor has constantly sought to establish new benchmarks in property development, by offering its customers world-class facilities and finishes. Its reputation has been built on the cornerstones of transparency and professionalism. Lancor was given “the Highest transparency” award at the CNBC CREDAI AWAAZ REAL ESTATE AWARDS 2009 and “Highest Customer Protection Award” at CNBC CREDAI AWAAZ REAL ESTATE AWARDS 2010 – is testimony to the fact.

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