Finding the perfect home that ticks all the boxes can be an unbelievable task, especially for employees working in bustling tech hubs like Zoho Corporation. Yet, among the vast array of residential options in Guduvanchery, one property stands out as the clear winner – Lancor Lumina. This stunning apartment complex not only offers a comfortable and modern lifestyle but also brags a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest – “No Wall Sharing” apartments.

Why Lancor Lumina is The Preferred Choice for Zoho Employees - Lancor

No Wall Sharing – A Unique Proposition

Let’s get right to the crux of the matter – Lancor Lumina is the ONLY apartment complex in Guduvanchery that offers “No Wall Sharing” apartments at this size! Yes, you heard it right – no more sharing your walls with your chatty neighbors or hearing the melodious sounds of their not-so-melodious guitar practice. Each apartment comes with standalone walls, ensuring you can revel in your private sanctuary without any interruptions. It’s the stuff of dreams, isn’t it?

Strategic Location

Location plays a pivotal role in deciding where to call home, and Lancor Lumina boasts a prime spot in Guduvanchery. Located just 5.5 kilometers away from the Zoho Corporation, it’s a commuter’s dream come true. No more waking up at the crack of dawn to avoid traffic; you can leisurely savor your morning coffee and still reach the office on time! The proximity to Velammal School (right next door!) and SRM International School (1.5 kilometers away) makes it a perfect choice for families with little ones.

Lancor Lumina Apartment Top view - Lancor

And guess what? The Kilambakkam Bus Terminus is a quick 7.5 kilometers away, while the Guduvanchery Bus Terminus is a mere 3.7 kilometers away. Not to be outdone, the Guduvanchery Railway Station is a convenient 4.3 kilometers from Lancor Lumina’s doorstep.

Unmatched Project Highlights – The Life You’ve Dreamed Of!

The apartments come in spacious 1 BHK and compact 2 BHK configurations, starting at 618 sq. ft. No matter your preferences, there’s a perfect fit waiting for you. With over 450 families already living happily in the community, you’ll be part of a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood.

But wait, there’s more! There is a reliable power backup for you, so you can bid farewell to power outages. The fully functional ultra-modern clubhouse is a hub of excitement and activities, with amenities that will make your head spin – from food, medical, and housekeeping facilities* (T&C Apply) to a supermarket, ATM, and lounge areas.

Feeling sporty? You’ll have plenty of options to choose from – a swimming pool, air-conditioned gym, table tennis, billiards table, badminton court, tennis court, and even skating rinks!

Ensuring Women’s Security at Nighttime

Safety and security are of utmost importance, especially for women employees working late shifts at ZOHO. Lancor Lumina takes this concern seriously, implementing various measures to create a secure living environment. The complex is equipped with CCTV cameras in common areas, gated access, and round-the-clock security personnel who monitor the premises vigilantly.

Easy Commute for ZOHO Employees

With a considerable number of ZOHO employees already living in Lancor Lumina, accessing cabs from your home becomes exceptionally convenient, streamlining your daily commute to and from the office.!


Oh, let me tell you about the “Lancor Lumina Clubhouse of Dreams” – it’s not just your average clubhouse! It’s a majestic fortress of fun, sprawling over a whopping square feet.

The clubhouse is designed with a focus on providing a wide range of amenities and features to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its residents. One of the key highlights of the clubhouse is its two swimming pools, offering a delightful escape from the everyday routine and providing residents with the perfect setting to relax and unwind.

The first swimming pool is specifically designated for kids, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for younger residents to splash and play under the watchful eyes of their parents or guardians. 

On the other hand, the second swimming pool is designed for general use and can be enjoyed by residents of all ages.

The Lancor Lumina clubhouse plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and offering residents a high-quality lifestyle within the premises of their residential complex. It serves as a space where neighbors can interact, build connections, and create lasting memories, contributing to a vibrant and harmonious living environment for all.

 Lancor Lumina Club House - Lancor

Modern Living at Its Finest

Lancor Lumina isn’t just about location and privacy; it also embodies modern living at its finest. The apartments are designed with contemporary aesthetics and intelligent layouts, optimizing space and functionality. With top-notch amenities and facilities, residents can indulge in a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Living far from the workplace can present various challenges and difficulties that can impact one’s overall quality of life. Here are some key difficulties associated with living far from the workplace.

  • Long Commute Times
  • Increased Transportation Costs
  • Impact on Work-Life Balance
  • Reduced Flexibility and Spontaneity
  • Impact on Health and Well-being
  • Increased Reliability on Transportation
  • Work-related Challenges


Lancor Lumina is where the real estate dreams of Zoho employees come to life! With its strategic location, access to educational hubs, and transportation havens, it’s an irresistible choice. Also, “No more wall-sharing shenanigans” here – each apartment has its standalone walls, promising privacy like never before. If your brain needs a good workout after all that coding, there is a gym for you.

So, what are you waiting for, Zoho-ers? Take a leap of faith into this whimsical wonderland of apartment living – Lancor Lumina awaits your presence, coffee mug in hand, ready to welcome you with open walls!