The real estate industry is huge in Chennai because it is one of the hubs where industries and advancements are developing day by day. Owning a home in India is a dream for those who went abroad for education, work, or business as one day in the near future, they may have plans to settle in India.

Being an NRI, the best way to invest your money is by buying residential property, which will be helpful for you to settle in motherland or do any start-up business in the future.

As an NRI, you should analyze the future benefits before investing in the property. Chennai rank at its best with so many facilities. Let’s find out the benefits you will get to experience if you chose to buy a property in Chennai.

Plenty of Options

Luxurious Flats in Valasaravakkam

Chennai is a place where you can find a property that ranges from an affordable category to a luxury level. As an NRI, if you purchase a property in Chennai it would give productive results eventuality. According to your means, you can find either an opulent property in the heart of the city or a budget property in the outskirts.

High Rental Rates

Luxurious Flats in Valasaravakkam

Every year people relocate to Chennai for employment opportunities because the place is flourished with several companies and industries. The growing work professionals will always keep housing needs at high. As a result, there is always an increase in the pricing of rental properties. It is better if you invest in Chennai to gain a solid rental income. Register your residence in Chennai without any delay so that you can earn a regular income even if you are staying overseas.

Great Re-sale Value

Luxurious Flats in Chennai

On a day to day basis, the real estate industry is booming in Chennai that contributes to high resale value in the near future. The increase in population in contrast to the small geographical area will always increase the land value. Being an NRI if you can’t settle down in Chennai for some reason, you could undoubtedly sell the property at higher rates.

Large Appreciation Value

Luxurious apartments in Chennai

Over the past 5 years, Chennai hasn’t faced any depreciation in the real estate sector. The experts also predict that the appreciation value of Chennai going to increase in the forthcoming years and at the same time, there would be no chance for depreciation. So being an NRI, today’s shrewd investment will be your tomorrow’s reliable asset.

Among Top Metro Cities

Luxurious Flats in Valasaravakkam

In recent times, several reports stated that Chennai is one of the top-rated 12 metro cities in India, especially in the real estate industry. It is an ideal place to secure your future investment. The growing population and their dwelling requirements are increasing day by day, with the plentiful resources and services Chennai holds it’s rank among the top metro cities. Being an NRI, you have to pick the city that suits all your expectations and gives the conveniences as a homeland then Chennai stands as its best.

Property Accessibility

Luxurious apartments in Valasaravakkam

Chennai has a tremendous growth in the real estate business. Being an NRI, no one has time for traveling especially to search for the localities. You can easily search for properties in Chennai through websites where the photos, videos, locations, and all other information are given about the site which you are looking for. You can easily enquire through the provided contacts after analyzing your matching criteria with the vast loaded options.


Luxurious Flats in Chennai

In India, Chennai has a comparatively higher FSI (Female Security Index) than other metro cities. The crimes like armed robbery, theft, murder are relatively low. As an NRI, you can find a safer home in Chennai while you decide to reside here in the future.

Here is a graphic that sums up the entire post.

Luxurious Flats and Apartments in Valasaravakkam


In each and every day, people are stepping towards Chennai from various parts of India. Give your precedence for Chennai by keeping the reasons we explained above in the mind. As per the saying east or west, the home country is the best.

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