Rent versus owning a home is a highly debatable topic and those who advocate the former often argue that a rental home costs less when compared to buying a home. While those who favour the latter, cite the freedom that it offers. This blog is here to settle this debate once and for all.

The first aspect is the financial gain – though there are plenty who argue rental homes offer better financial stability, in the long run owning a home is more beneficial.

Here is why –

Building an asset

The well known fact – buying a home means you are building an asset is true to its statement. Though buying a home leaves you with a financial commitment for the next 15-30 years, it ensures that you posses a valuable asset. And at the end of this period, the appreciated land value will guarantee you a huge return on your investment. 

Rent v/s EMI

The average cost of paying rent in a prime residential location of a metropolitan city in India for a 650 sq.ft. apartment is approximately ₹15,600 besides the general demand for increase in rent. On the other hand, today’s lowest EMI for a ₹16 lakh home loan is ₹10,591 at the lowest rate of 6.95% and maximum tenure of 30 years. EMI for ₹16 lakh home loan is ₹ 14,337 taken for a shorter period of 15 years. Although regular monthly expenses add on to this, it still makes more sense to invest in a home.

Acquiring loans in the future

Among all tangible assets, a land or a building have tangibility in order to be used as collateral for a loan. In case you want to acquire a personal loan, owning a home qualifies to be used as an asset and makes you eligible to apply for it.

The second aspect of this is personal and some of the talking points are –

Freedom from rent

Landlords generally tend to increase rent once in every 2-3 years, which as a tenant leave you under a dilemma whether you accept the increase or look for new place to live. This can be a sticky situation, if you feel well settled in your locality with your kids having to study in nearby schools, travel to work is comfortable for you, your spouse feels comfortable in the neighbourhood etc. While this at least seems like a solvable problem, how would you feel if one fine morning your house-owner suddenly starts demanding for more rent? Where does that leave you with? Trying to manage your finance in such uncertain times is much harder than working towards buying your own home.

Freedom to live your life to the fullest

All rental houses will have their own restrictions, whether it is having a party of your own, hanging clothes in the backyard, your kids playing on a Sunday afternoon. Only your own house will ever give you a sense of pride and security. You are free to do the things you like as it is now your own independent space. Knocking a nail on the wall, changing the landscape of your front yard, fixing a new air-conditioner, the freedom you get is limited to none. As you become the king or queen of your empire i.e., your home, establishes a status among your relatives and friends, it also establishes a sense of status among relatives, friends and the society.


There is nothing more one can debate on what an owning your own house can do to you. In addition to this, now might be a better time to buy than ever as the pandemic has made real-estate companies rethink their selling strategy and give out plenty of offers. Apart from this, housing loans are at an all time low at 6.95%. And these benefits can actually help you gain up to ₹20 lakhs. To know more about our projects in chennai please call us @ +91 8144787405.