Based on the demographic work done by researchers, certain geographical locations in the world have been identified as ‘Blue Zones’.

Quite the popular topic of conversation in recent times – these zones are known for being the home to some of the world’s longest-lived communities. People from these zones are known for having low incidences of chronic diseases thanks largely to their habits.

Inspired by this kind of living, Lancor has adopted a similar strategy which combines five important lifestyle elements to form the ‘Blue Circle’. Presented exclusively to senior citizens, Lancor aims at creating the Blue Circle living in various locations in and around Chennai.

Through the notable efforts of Lancor, this form of living has made its first steps into Lancor Harmonia – a 55-acre integrated township at Sriperumbudur.

Elements of The Blue Circle:

Cross-generational Living

Cross-generational living is a traditional concept based upon the idea that blends multigenerational families in social living activities to build a mutually supportive community that enhances understanding of one another.

Being pioneers of building landmark projects with numerous happy communities for the last 35+ years, Lancor has understood the need of seniors who wish to connect and share with other generations on a daily basis.

Hence through a cross-generational community living, it aims at providing a congenial environment that offers peer companionship along with opportunities for mingling with people of all ages, thus helps shed the feeling of loneliness and isolation, and the resulting mental stress.

Fresh Home-styled Tasty and Healthy Diet

Food and diet form the most important part of improving life expectancy. By balancing the right number of calories with a highly nutritious diet, all three meals at Harmonia are prepared by a top chef who ensures the food is home-styled, rich in taste and great in flavour. By adding variety to the mix with facilities for multi-cuisine dining, Lancor caters to everyone’s taste buds. And the best part is, it is a participative concept where the residents are encouraged to choose dishes and suggest menus.

Exercise based Action Packed Lifestyle

Just like food, exercise is another important factor that contributes to a longer and healthier life.

With the motive of building exercise into everyday living, the township has well laid walkways for walking, jogging and cycling.

Gardening is another form of exercise that is popular in the campus where each resident is encouraged to grow their own mini garden.

Also, there are plenty of captivating amenities like the activity centre, clubhouse, fully equipped gym, swimming pool and more which aids a wholesome living experience.

Pollution-free Greenery Filled Environment

Pollution, unhealthy home environment and stress are some of the major contributors to leading chronic disorders like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, asthma, stroke etc.

To counter this, Lancor’s Blue Circle is situated away from the concrete jungle, in a secured and independent 55-acre serene campus. Filled with lush greenery, plenty of fresh air flows throughout the year giving seniors the ultimate restful experience.

Zero Worry Living

In addition to all of this, Lancor aims at transforming this holistic home-culture into a completely worry-free lifetime by paying attention to

  1. Security – 24/7 security across the whole campus. Safety rails and Emergency buttons at every individual house.
  2. Medical Care – Through a dedicated 24×7 Emergency Clinic with Ambulance managed by KITES.
  3. Food Service – At the doorstep of each home on request.
  4. Travel – Specially arranged bus for short trips to the Sriperumbudur town and market area.
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