Investment in any form other than real estate has suffered a major setback in 2020 due to Coronavirus causing a world-wide pandemic. With interest rates taking a dip and stocks being volatile, real estate has been seen as a stable investment option. It has also been thought as an investment that needs no prior knowledge with little to general interest in the personal finance and the market itself. While it is so, it does require some amount of research to identify the best and most suited property for investing.

What the market offers?

With plenty of investors ready to invest and the general increase in number of home buyers, every real estate company has created multiple offers for various properties. Examples of these offers are 5to 10 % reduction in down payment and balance added to easy instalments, no EMIs for a full year, homes with free interiors, or even gifts in the form of goodies and other essential household necessities. While all this may seem lustrous, do these offers actually reduce the cost of the property, help you save money and fulfil your housing requirements?

Reasons as to why a substantial discounted price is better

A price-off offer, especially in real estate is a benefit bigger than any other offer. The price-off offer is a handsome slash in price per sq.ft., which is a huge discount on the overall price of the property, ultimately has its effect on the home loan. With either significantly lesser amount of EMI or lesser number of months of repayment, the burden of repaying the home loan becomes lighter. The reduced cost could save one a sum anywhere between Rs.4 to 10 Lakhs. In the case of larger and superior properties, it could be even more. Thus, lifting a massive weight off the shoulders of the home buyer.

What does Lancor offer?

Lancor understands every customer’s need and helps them purchase their dream home by offering a price-off. With no hidden clauses, no changes in the offer and no loop holes, Lancor’s price-off is transparent. Thus, a substantial price-cut offer on any day is a far better an option for a prospective home buyer than any other scheme which the markets offers currently.

Here is a graphic that sums up the entire post.