Navratri is over now, but that doesn’t have to dull your festive spirit –the festival of lights is right around the corner. This year, give your home a chance to sparkle with a fresh, dazzling look. Here are five home décor ideas for Diwali 2018. With these trends, your guests are going to spam you for tips to decorate their homes.

Let there be light

There can never be too much light during Diwali. Stock up on lanterns, candles and fairy lights – that should do the trick. From LED lighting solutions to mood lighting, choosing the right kind of lights for your home is very important. The golden yellow lights will add up to the excited festive mood in the air. You can hang the fairy lights between your curtains, at the entrance and outside your house too. A bright light arrangement as a centrepiece will also be a good attraction. If you have a garden or any open space, light it up with colourful lanterns. Lights and greens are the most elegant décor one can go for. So you can set up compact gardens at home and lights up those spaces too.

There can’t be a Diwali without diyas, and this time, they don’t have to be the plain brown ones. Go for the bright coloured diyas that have a variety of motifs painted on them. Instead of using regular candles, opt for the aromatic variants. Even if you choose to go with diyas, use drops of aromatic oils with the regular oil. This way your home will be filled with light, colour and fragrance. Another advantage to having a well-lit home for Diwali is that you will get great selfies in your festive attire.

A pinch of your personal sparkle

Getting festive thorans and wall hangings that match your abode’s mood might be a bit of a task. So stop waiting and grab your scissors, glue and all the glitter you can find because it is time to get crafty.  You can cut cardboard pieces into diyas, paint them bright and run them through a gold ribbon for handmade thorans.

Cleaning up before the festive season to keep your home spick and span means a lot of trash to discard. With your Midas touch, all that garbage can turn into gold. Old glass jars can turn into stylish lamp holders, and all you will need to buy for that are some glass and gold paints. To add that extra sparkle, pick up all those unused jewellery pieces you have lying around at home. You can also spruce up your furniture by converting your colourful dupattas into cushion covers.  Making your personal décor can also be a great family activity this season.

Festive walls

Say bye to blank walls this festive season because wallpapers are in vogue again. You can cover up a full wall with wallpapers or paste stickers on the walls. There are a plethora of prints one can choose from. It can be a light coloured wallpaper with floral motifs in gold or diya stickers pasted on walls painted in bright colours. You can match your wallpaper with the décor or even follow a colour scheme for all the decorations.

Eat the décor

Diwali is synonymous to sweets and making an edible installation at home would be the centre of attraction. You can make a Ganesha with laddoos or even a cartoon character with candies for the little ones. This will be a treat for the eyes and the taste buds both at once. This can also be used as the centerpiece of your lunch table.   You can put your knife skills to test by trying fruit carvings to decorate your space.

Eco-friendly rangoli

Festivities feel incomplete without rangoli.  Bright coloured patterns on the floor make your face light up like a diya. Are you worried that the colour leaves a residue on your fingers or could be harmful to your pets? Worry no more because organic rangoli has come to the rescue. They use natural products like rice flour and vegetable dyes to make this variety of colour powder. This way your furry pals can have a safe Diwali indoors. You can also opt to use flowers instead of the rangoli powder and make a pretty looking poo-kolam for Diwali.

Follow these tips to decorate your home for Diwali and impress your guests and family alike. Visit us at Lancor for dream homes that are tastefully designed to enjoy all seasons with your loved ones.