5 ways to keep your home spick and span - Lancor

Coming home to a spick and span home after a long day at work is everyone’s dream. From crisp white bed sheets to fresh curtains, a squeaky-clean home will help you unwind and relax in peace, without having to worry about clearing your space. Read on for some easy tips and tricks to make your heavenly abode look nothing less than a piece of heaven.

Laundry hacks

No matter how well you organise your space, the one thing that can easily make it look cluttered is a pile of dirty clothes. To make sure your clothes do not bring down the aesthetics of your home, invest in a quirky laundry basket that serves the dual purpose of accumulating your dirty clothes and adding to the interiors of your bedroom. It is also a good idea to do your laundry every day and make it a point to fold your clean clothes to avoid clutter. It is safe to say that this daily habit will get you halfway through your everyday struggle to keep your home spick and span and enhance the beauty of your home.

Organise your closet

As the saying goes, there is a place for everything and everything has a place – and the one corner of your home that needs to abide by this saying is your closet. Even if you keep your room spick and span, a messy closet can make the place untidy in no time. Searching for that one garment of clothing will not only bring your entire cupboard down but also take up a lot of time and effort – both of which are completely not worth it. Make sure you organise your closet and keep it that way to create a domino effect of keeping your room clean as well. Spend around an hour every weekend to clean up the clutter created through the week, and you will never come back home to a dirty room ever again.

Do the job then and there

Procrastination is your worst enemy when it comes to keeping your home spick and span. Instead of setting some time aside to clean your space, work on the spot and do the job then and there. For example, spending an extra fifteen minutes doing the dishes after cooking is much easier than going back to the kitchen before sleeping to clean it up. Similarly, simple habits like clearing your desk once you finish your work, clearing up the weeds in your balcony garden after your evening cup of tea, or cleaning the bathroom after a shower can go a long way in keeping your home clean with better home waste management.

Handy tip: After you do the dishes, make sure you clean the sink as well to give it that squeaky clean look sans the scrubbing!

Storage is key

Good storage is the biggest organisational hack ever. From small and dainty storage boxes that help in keeping your jewellery sorted to large cabinets that can accommodate suitcases and trunks, the world is your oyster when it comes to storage. If you are yet to buy your furniture, it is a good idea to invest in tables and shelves that come with drawers to store your stuff. You can also opt for trendy wicker baskets that are available in different colours and textures to help you with storage and complement your interiors. Storing your valuables in a proper manner will help you keep track of where your things are and maintain the tidiness of your home at all times.

De-clutter on a daily basis

Needless to say, clutter can bring down all your efforts in trying to keep your home spick and span. Apart from your pile of clothes, there are other nooks and corners of your home that can be easily de-cluttered on a daily basis. Start with the smart appliance every home has – the good old refrigerator. Take out all the old dishes and expired food every time you accumulate your ingredients before cooking. If you have time, you can also wipe the inner shelves of the fridge while cleaning the dining area or the kitchen. Similarly, the other pieces of furniture that can easily be de-cluttered on a daily basis include your shoe rack and kitchen cabinets. These are shelves that are used daily but never cross your mind as something that needs to be cleaned.

Follow these cleaning hacks every day to ensure your space remains spick and span with no specific time set apart for cleaning. Visit us at Lancor for dream homes that are thoughtfully designed to keep your space comfy, cozy and clean.