5 Smart Appliances Every Home Should Have-Lancor

Technology has made almost every aspect of our lives more convenient. But has it made its way into your home yet? Most of us have the basic appliances already. There’s a refrigerator in our kitchen, a television in our living room and an air conditioner in our bedroom. But while these appliances are essential, it’s time to start looking beyond them! Today, there are many smart and efficient gadgets for almost every home-related need. For most families, the dilemma is separating the ones that are actually useful from those that are just a passing fad. This list will help you find appliances that are the perfect match for you and your family. Whether it’s making home energy efficient or making it secure, these five gadgets definitely deserve a place in your household.

Regular bulbs that we’ve grown up with are soon going to become a thing of the past. Smart bulbs for homes are becoming increasingly popular because your new bulbs will be able to change colours, turn on automatically and can even save you money! These bulbs can be connected to your phone through an app so you can control them no matter where you are. They can also change colours and dim on command, so your home is always beautifully lit for any occasion. This feature can even help you sleep better! Many smart bulbs come with a special ‘night time’ feature which produces soothing light that lets you have a deep, uninterrupted sleep.

While they are more expensive than regular bulbs, smart bulbs can actually save you more money in the long run. They have a very long lifespan and are much more energy-efficient than regular bulbs. This could mean that your electricity bills will be much lower in the future.

  • Food processor

Even if you enjoy cooking, chopping vegetables is no one’s idea of a fun morning. If you invest in a food processor, it will become your go-to kitchen gadget. Most people already know that food processors are great for blending, but not many are aware of the full extent of their uses. Food processors come with a number of different fittings that can chop, slice and shred vegetables just the way you want. They can also help you knead flour and make the softest dough you’ve ever made. With a food processor, cooking will become a lot faster and easier for you.

  • Handheld vacuum 

Everyone loves the feeling of a clean and neat home, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep your home looking that way. A handheld vacuum can be one of the easiest ways to remove dirt and dust from your home. It is especially a boon for pet owners as their fur can get everywhere and be very hard to remove. You can leave your dusting rags and feather brushes in storage because this nifty gadget can do a far better job. All you have to do is run it over your furniture, curtains, bookshelves and any other surfaces you have for a home that is sparkling clean. If you are redoing the decor of your home, a handheld vacuum is important to keep it looking as good as new.

  • Juicer

Every parent knows the struggle of getting their children to eat vegetables. Meal times can go on for hours and even then, your children might not eat as many vegetables as they should. A juicer can help every parent trying to feed their child a nutritious diet. Even spinach, which is universally hated by children, can taste delicious when juiced along with sweet fruits like apples and pears. A juicer is also very useful for adults trying to get more vegetables and fruits into their diet. This useful kitchen appliance can help you and your family get a healthier diet.

  • Video Door Phone 

Your front door is the first and most important line of security for your home. Traditional peepholes aren’t always effective because while you can see who is outside, you still have to open your front door to speak to them. This is where a Video door phone comes in useful. These gadgets include a camera and intercom so you can not only see who is ringing, but can also talk to them and understand why they’re there. This home security feature can help you avoid salespeople or other strangers from accessing your home. Some smart doorbell systems can also be connected to your phone through an app. This way, even if you aren’t home, you can see who is trying to visit you and even leave instructions for delivery persons.

With these gadgets, your home will soon be ready to take on the future! With appliances as smart as these, you also need a modern home to match. At Lancor, we offer beautiful, spacious homes with all the conveniences and amenities you will ever need. Visit us to learn more!