Are you looking for ways to make your home more environmentally sustainable, but are not sure where to start? Many eco-friendly measures often require extensive effort and aren’t apartment-friendly. However, don’t let this deter you from contributing towards a greener planet. There are many inexpensive environmentally friendly home ideas you can easily use in your apartment. Here are a few ways to make your home eco-friendly that you can implement in no time at all. 

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly-Lancor

Utilise natural light

If you leave your lights on all through the day, you are not only increasing your electricity bills but are also increasing your carbon footprint. Energy conservation is very important because, despite renewable energy sources, many power generators still depend upon non-renewable fossil fuel. Using less electricity also directly benefits you in the short run because it will drastically lower your electricity bills. During the day when you don’t really need to turn on your indoor lights, open up your windows and let the sun’s natural light flood into your home. If you still feel like the light is not enough, try painting the walls in a lighter colour. This immediately brightens the room.

Plant an organic garden

Have you ever wondered how many pesticides and other chemicals are used to cultivate the food you eat? Buying only organic produce can seem like the only way to avoid these chemicals, but it can be too expensive. There are, however, small ways by which you can start growing your own food, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Organic gardens are perfect for people living in apartments because they are very easy to grow and require very little space as well. You can grow many varieties of plants in your balcony or even mount small pots on your kitchen wall so you have a continuous supply of –favourite vegetables.

Use natural alternatives to household cleaners

Cleaning agents are supposed to make your home spotless, but if you are using chemical detergents, they might be replacing dirt with toxic substances. Household detergents and aerosol air fresheners can release harmful gases and chemicals into the atmosphere. These substances aren’t good for either your family or for the planet. The next time you are cleaning your house, try DIY-ing your own household cleaners with natural, non-toxic ingredients. In most cases, just baking soda, vinegar, and a few essential oils can be as effective as commercial detergents. You can also use an aroma oil diffuser instead of a toxic air freshener to help your home smell better in a more eco-friendly way.

Use more indoor plants

Indoor plants don’t just beautify your home; they also purify the air inside it. Introducing indoor plants into your home is also one of the easiest home decor and renovation ideas. Many household substances can cause harmful pollutants like formaldehyde to build up inside your home, affecting the health of you and your family. Luckily, the answer to getting rid of these toxins can be as simple as growing indoor plants. Spider plants are one of the most effective natural air purifiers and are perfect for those born with abrown thumb. They barely require any attention, so they will thrive with even the most forgetful homeowner. Aloe vera is a very popular household plant and is also one of the most effective at removing formaldehyde. As a bonus, you can also use the gel from it to get healthier hair and skin!

Use LED lights

Switching out your regular light bulbs for LED lights can be one of the biggest steps you take towards a greener lifestyle. LED lights are about 80% more energy efficient than ordinary light bulbs and waste only 5% of energy as heat. In comparison, traditional light bulbs waste up to 20% of energy. LED lights also last decades longer than ordinary light bulbs, so you will have to replace them far less often. When you start using LED lights, you will also notice a huge drop in your electricity bills. While installing LED lights in your home might require you to invest a little extra, they are an important money saving tip in the long run through lower electricity bills and fewer replacements.

Waste less water with the flush

Did you know that flushing your toilet just once can use up at least 9 liters of water? Multiply this amount by the number of times toilets in your home are flushed every day and you will realise how much water you actually waste this way. This is why, newer toilet models have been designed to use up a fraction of this amount of water with each flush. If you can’t afford to replace all your toilets immediately, there is a simple DIY trick that you can use to save water when you flush. Empty your toilet’s tank and place two 1 liter bottles filled with sand or pebbles inside it. When you let the tank fill up again, it will use a lot less water every time you flush.

Be it your existing home or a new home that you are planning to buy, these simple tips will make a huge difference in making your home environmental friendly. If you are planning on buying your dream home, visit Lancor. At Lancor, you can find homes that will help you live a greener and cleaner lifestyle. Our spacious homes and large open green spaces will help you live a life closer to nature.