Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that focusses on the spatial orientation and arrangement of a building depending upon energy flow. Incorporating this technique while designing the architecture of a building is a great way to bring in positive vibes and enhance the quality of life. Feng Shui elements are also considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity according to Chinese culture. Wondering how to transform your home into a vibrant living space filled with loads of positive energy? Here are a few Feng Shui tips that you can incorporate:

Focus on the entry door

According to Feng Shui, the door at the entrance is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The energy flow to the rest of the rooms begins from your entrance. Do you hear squeaks and whines while opening and closing your front door? Then, it’s high time you get it repaired. These sounds spread negativity and affect the overall well-being of everyone in the household. You can loosen the hinge of the door by applying a few drops of oil. Also, it is not a good idea to have a dustbin or a flower pot near the entry door. Such accessories can block the flow of positive energy into the house.

Declutter your house

While considering Feng Shui for home, decluttering and deep cleaning at regular intervals is an important aspect. A cluttered living space can never attract positive energy. First and foremost, make a list of things that you want to get rid of. Allocate 30 minutes of your time every weekend to declutter your home. Always start your decluttering process from small living spaces and then move on to larger ones. Throw away your old lighting fixtures, clothes, rugs and newspapers. You can also think about creating innovative home décor ideas from this scrap.

Place your bed in a commanding position

The bed is an important piece of furniture in your bedroom. The placement of the bed is an important consideration when it comes to Fen Shui for bedroom. Ideally, your bed should be placed in a diagonal position as observed from the bedroom door. The head of the bed should be placed against a wall. This is called the commanding position according to Feng Shui. Do not position your bed under a window as it leads to accumulation of negative energy in the room. In case you have a television in your bedroom, it is always a good idea to cover it with a cloth or a sheet while sleeping.

Avoid North-West or South-East direction for the bathroom

You should never build your bathroom in the South-East or the North-West direction. Bathrooms placed in these directions brings in negative energy and tend to drain away wealth and happiness. To get rid of the negative energy in your bathroom, it is always important to keep your bathroom fresh, clean and airy. Keep your toilet lid and the bathroom door closed when not in use. If your curtains are torn, make sure you replace them with new ones. Use a good air freshener at regular intervals. You can use Feng Shui accessories such as metallic wind chimes to create a pleasant atmosphere for your bathrooms.

Fill up space above kitchen cabinets using greenery

If you are planning to incorporate Feng Shui tips for your kitchen, then you need to inspect the entire location to check whether they are built up till the ceiling. As per the Feng Shui rules, there should not be any space above the kitchen cabinet. The space above the kitchen cabinet is highly vulnerable to dust and debris. These components contribute to negative energy. An important Feng Shui tip to avoid this is by filling the space above the kitchen cabinet using green plants and flower pots. Green plants are not only powerful in keeping the kitchen fresh and energetic, but it also helps in the purification of air.

Incorporate home décor in Feng Shui Colours

Incorporating attractive décor accessories are also an integral part of Feng Shui for home. Gold is an important Feng Shui colour that symbolises wealth. You can implement Gold colour in the form of a painting, rug or a pillow. Purple is yet another Feng Shui colour that plays a huge role in the harmonising the energy in the living room. Some of the other good Feng Shui colours are red, green, orange, brown, and pink. When it comes to Feng Shui for bedroom, magenta and yellow are the best for home décor. LED lighting is an innovative technique to incorporate these vibrant Feng Shui colours for your home.

Place mirrors at important locations

According to Feng Shui theory, the mirror is an important accessory that is believed to bring wealth and prosperity in abundance.  Moreover, they can make any atmosphere serene, calm and soothing. Placing a mirror in the East improves the health of family members. On the other hand, placing mirrors on the Northern side of your home is good for career growth. Also, positioning a mirror in such a way that it reflects a beautiful garden is considered to bring in loads of positive energy into your home. Be it Feng Shui for home or office space, round and oval shaped mirrors are the best pick.

An important aspect of Feng Shui is that it takes into consideration five elements of nature like fire, wood, metal, water and earth. Knowledge of essential Feng Shui elements is crucial to understand how to balance the energy of your home. If you are considering Feng Shui for home, it is always a good idea to consult an expert to get the desired results.

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