Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals in every Indian household. Traditionally, this festival is celebrated all over India which binds family and allows people to think beyond themselves. This dazzling festival of lights is also considered as an auspicious time to buy a new apartment, purchase gold and set eyes on various other lucrative investment opportunities.

However, over recent years, this special day is causing problems for the environment. If you started thinking about major consequences our action brings on this day, you can create some positive changes for preserving nature.

Here are seven tips that will help you to celebrate an environmentally safe and secure Diwali that does not dampen the fun!

Use Oil Diyas Instead of Candles

Diyas are made from earth-friendly materials that are bio-degradable. They can replace any other lightings and makes your apartment beautiful. If you are not comfortable with oil diyas, you can create some innovative alternatives using wheat dough, orange peels, and coconut shells.

Use Natural Flowers for Rangoli Instead of Artificial Colors

Rangoli drawings feed insects and birds during festivals. Nowadays people are using artificial colors that are harmful and useless. Therefore, make use of rice powder, turmeric powder, coffee, etc for bringing out colors like white, yellow, and red. You can also use flowers like marigold and roses to decorate your rangoli.

Upcycle Your Home Decor

Instead of using harmful artificial paints, you can recycle leftover craft items like color papers, cotton, ropes, etc to decorate your home for festivals. Make use of watercolors to paint old newspapers and hang them as wall decorations, twist some colorful sarees/dupattas and use as drapes and curtains, hang some bells, use organic incense sticks and natural flowers for pujas.

Avoid Crackers

Firecrackers leave the air hazy and the entire surrounding littered with the waste. There are plenty of environment-friendly crackers but they can also pollute the environment. Instead of using firecrackers, you can enjoy the festival by lightening sky lanterns. For children, you can offer air-filled brown bags and allow them to burst it by jumping on them.

Prepare Sweets & Meals at Home Rather Than Buying From Outside

To give the taste factor, there may be lots of sugar and ghee added in sweets which are prepared outside. Preparing sweets and food at home during festivals is important as you can add ingredients as per your requirement. Sweets like khoya barfi, besan laddoos are easy to prepare at home. Try to avoid expensive crockery for serving food, instead serve all delicious food and sweets using banana leaves.

Avoid Plastic Usage

During festivals, you might require lots of utensils to serve your relatives, neighbors, and friends. Using earthenware and biodegradable utensils are advised instead of plastic disposables. Plastics do not decay quickly and stay on the environment longer. This causes more build-up on the natural landscape than a degradable material (paper). Therefore, reduce plastic usage during festivals.

Offer Thoughtful Gifts for Neighbors

During festivals, we express our happiness by exchanging gifts, sweets, cakes, clocks, picture frames, etc. Instead of these gifts, give eco-friendly items like plants, jute products, khadi clothing, organic soaps, spices, etc. These eco-friendly products ensure the safety of both families and the environment.

Here is a graphic that sums up the entire post.

Winding Up

It is better to think about a pathway that will provide you with a healthy and environmentally balanced world. Upholding a better and safe society for our forthcoming generations is our responsibility. Therefore, keep the consequences in mind and try to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali in your apartment.

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