Apart from being the festive season, winter is also synonymous with whimsical winds and chilly breezes that take your breath away. But just like how we gear up for winter with sweaters and knits that keep us stylish and snug, it is also imperative to spruce up our home to make it winter ready. To help you get rid of wintry woes, here’s a handy checklist of the important home maintenance tips that you can easily execute in your homes:

A Handy Checklist to Get your Home WINTER-READY - Lancor

Tuning of your ceiling fan

Switching on the winter mode of your ceiling fan is the first and foremost home maintenance tip that you must implement in your homes. Every modern ceiling fan is equipped with a winter mode which changes the direction of its rotation. Tuning your ceiling fan helps a great deal in balancing the air circulation of your home. The air is mixed gently in such a way that there are no drafts. Additionally, this also helps in lowering the thermostat according to your comfort and convenience. It is a great way to bring warm air down from the ceiling so as to ensure equal distribution of air across all the rooms. Furthermore, reversing your ceiling fan during winters can help you save up to 24 per cent of your energy costs!

Clear your gutters and drainage

Since winter often goes hand-in-hand with the monsoon season in several parts of India, it is important to pay special attention to blocked drainages and gutters that can cause excessive flooding.  A huge number of cracks and gaps develop in the drainage system due to the accumulation of debris and clogged water which can greatly impact the strength of your building. It is always advisable to take adequate maintenance steps before the dawn of winter to maintain the structural stability of your building. Firstly, closely monitor the leakages and cracks in all the gutters surrounding your home. In order to fix these cracks, you must implement effective cementing mechanisms with the help of a qualified technician. If the leakage still persists, you can adopt the method of realignment. Ideally, realignment involves redirecting the flow of stagnant water. Another excellent way to avoid leakage is to install a gutter protection system which can prevent the entry of leaves and debris into the drainage system. Incorporating rain water harvesting methods are also a great way to control water stagnation and preserve the natural resource.

Prevent dampness from walls

Have you ever witnessed a distinctive increase in humidity in your home coupled with a foul smell? This is because of the dampening of walls as a result of leakages caused by excessive rainfall. Dampness in the walls can make your home extremely cold and unpleasant. The best way to reduce the dampness of the walls is to apply a coat of paint and putty before the arrival of the winter season. White cement or Plaster of Paris can also help a great deal in avoiding leakages caused by excessive rainwater. Also, it is always ideal to use glass frames instead of PVC frames to avoid water puddles on window sills.

Monitor gaps across windows and doors

The chilly winds of winter often hinder the functioning of doors and windows of your home. Generally, it is observed that windows and doors become stiff due to the accumulation of air inside them. Applying oil is the best way to reduce the rigidity of your doors and windows. Additionally, you must ensure that all the doors and windows are shut to avoid the escape of heat. Monitoring the cracks in the chimney is also of paramount importance as the debris and leaves in the cracks can potentially cause fire hazards.

Create cosy corners

Home maintenance tips to keep your space warm include décor tips too! Winter is the time of the year to take your décor game up a notch with some cosy and comfortable fabrics. An ideal way to beat the winter chills is to incorporate warm interiors with earthy colours. It’s a good idea to invest in a cashmere throw to give a visual treat to your living room. Adding plush rugs can help in bringing vibrancy to your home décor. You can also create a cosy corner with a generous number of cushions in bright colours that add a striking contrast to the gloomy weather. Do not forget to put up heavy curtains that keep the chilly winds at bay and create the perfect ambience for that comforting cup of hot chocolate!

These are a few important aspects that you must keep in mind to keep your home spic and span even in the harsh cold. Following a strict maintenance plan can ensure a hassle-free winter by preventing your dream home from all the potential hazards.

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