Your baby is a wonderful pack of joy, happiness, and energy! While you may love spending time with your little one, your child cannot always be supervised. As your baby starts to grow bigger and begins to crawl, it can be difficult to keep up with their every move. Your baby may run the risk of hitting against sharp objects in your home. Your expensive, high-maintenance decor pieces are also at risk if they are lying near your baby. So how do you ensure that your baby remains safe at all times? Here are a few tips to baby proof your house.

Cover all Electrical Sockets

When a baby starts crawling, the first things that are within their reach are electrical sockets. Most sockets are usually placed down below, just above the floor. Since they are within their line of sight, babies often reach out to them and might even stick their finger inside the holes of the socket. This is very dangerous as it could give your baby a serious electric shock. Most electrical sockets today have a safety shutter that blocks out any external item. However, it is better to be safe by using covers for all electrical sockets that might be within reach of your baby.

Keep all medicines tucked away

Any kind of medicine, be it for children or adults, should be kept at a safe distance from children. Babies tend to put anything they find in their mouth and this might be dangerous when it comes to medicines. Even by mistake, if the medicine that should not be taken is consumed by a child, it can have serious side-effects. There is also a chance of overdosing on medicines which again can be fatal. Make sure to use child-proof bottle caps for all the medicines and keep them out of reach in medicine cabinets that are placed high up your wall.

Use safety gates

Once a baby starts to crawl, they want to explore the world around them. It might not be possible to follow your child and have an eye on them at all times. It is advisable to use safety gates wherever you don’t want your baby to enter. One of the most common places where safety gates are used is at the entrance of the stairs. Kids tend to venture towards stairs and can fall down them which can be dangerous, to say the least. You can also use them in your balconies to prevent your child from entering them unsupervised.

Keep breakable items locked

There are numerous fragile fixtures and crockery within a household. These might include vases, bottles, glasses, plates, miniature models or just about anything. Some might even be very expensive and exquisite. To safeguard these beautiful decorative pieces, make sure to keep them under lock and key. This is also important for your child’s own safety as they might accidentally cut themselves on sharp broken pieces.

Cover sharp corners

Protect your child by covering all the corners of your furniture so that your toddler won’t hurt themselves while exploring. These might be beautiful design elements of your furniture but when a baby is around, it could be hazardous. So, one of the most important home security features to have is an edge cover for each of the sharp corners of your furniture. This is helpful especially when your child is crawling and has a habit of going under furniture. It will help protect your child and make your house baby-proof.

Chipping paint

It is natural for the paint to chip and fall after a while; this is mainly caused due to dampness in the wall. These small paint chips are not safe to consume and contain chemicals that are harmful to humans. It might not be possible to clean up every time a small piece of paint chips off. It is even more difficult to stop your child from charging towards these small pieces of paint to have a try. Ensure you use the highest quality paint to avoid chipping and repaint any part of the house that has paint chipping off for the safety of your child.

Keep all hazardous objects locked away

Your baby is constantly exploring and getting to know the world around them. One of the ways they learn about their surroundings is by putting things in their mouth to taste them. While this can be harmless for the most part, if your baby gets their hand on something dangerous, it could have serious consequences.  Keep your living space clean and neat to avoid hazardous objects from coming within the reach of your baby. Till children grow up to a certain age many basic things that are used daily need to be kept under lock and key. Sharp objects like knives, scissors, razors, and needles must be strictly kept locked away from kids. Pencils, pens and other pointed items also pose a threat to children. This is an essential step to be taken when baby-proofing the house.

While it might be challenging, make these changes to your house to ensure your baby is safe. Whether it is keeping hazardous objects away from their grasp or simply keeping sharp things covered, your baby will find it a lot easier to enjoy his/her space without you having to worry about your little one’s safety. If you are looking for apartments in Chennai, Visit, Lancor offers premium apartments in Sholinganallur, OMR and Guduvanchery with world class amenities and 24/7 security for your loved ones.