Versatile and vibrant, Pantone colour of the year 2019 – Living Coral – celebrates the warmth and comfort of a dwelling space that is undergoing continuous development. What is so unique about Living Coral is that it is blessed with the best of both the worlds, the delicacy of pink and vibrancy of orange. This is one of the most important reasons why coral has become a rage in the fashion and home décor industry after the hues of ultraviolet in 2018. Another great feature of coral is that it is a cool colour that has the ability to accentuate the prevailing colour palette of the room. If you are in love with living coral this season, read to know the interesting ways in which you can enhance your home décor using this vibrant colour:

Say hello to your guests with some bold accents in your living room

Experiment with the playful nature of Living Coral to highlight the liveliness of your living room. For instance if you have an exquisite range of wooden furniture, then you can indulge in a lovely makeover by intermixing coral with neutral colour palettes. A blend of coral metallic accents can make your living room look heart-warming and gorgeous. However, while sprucing up your space, the devil lies in the details. If you do not want a drastic change in the décor, you can also make small alterations like opting for bold coral cushions or scented candles in coral.

Brighten up your bathroom with some warm coral undertones

With the new Pantone colour of the year 2019 – Living Coral – it’s time to make your boring bathroom fresh and trendy. This year, get rid of dull colour palettes and brighten up your bathroom walls with some bold coral undertones. In case you have incorporated neutral colour tones for your bathroom; you can fuse in bold accents to warm up the ambience. Pick up some cool coral décor accessories such as soft coral towels and shower curtains. Another great way to create a dramatic statement in your bathroom is to employ LED lights in shades of orange and pink.

Warm up your bedroom with fun coral Bogo designs

When you design and conceptualise your bedroom, it is always important to choose home décor that can provide maximum comfort and relaxation. Adding a touch of Living Coral can definitely convert your bedroom into a peaceful retreat. Teaming up coral décor with cool blue wall paints is a great idea to enhance the soothing effect of your bedroom decor. To give a contemporary look to your bedrooms, Living Coral is a fun colour to merge with boho architectural styles. If you are using Living coral as the primary colour of your bedroom, then it is always a good idea to have your pillows and rugs in shades of white, blue or green.

Decorate your nursery room with a coral painted crib

Living Coral is a great choice to create a cute nursery and decorate your kid’s bedroom. You can make your nursery cosy and colourful by combining similar accent colours such as pink, lavender, purple and fuchsia. Opt for a coral crib with some colourful paper lanterns and light bulbs in pastel shades. Coral is a playful colour that it is definitely a great value addition for your baby’s bedding. What is unique about Living Coral is that it not only brightens the baby’s room, but also makes the space charming and elegant with carefree summer vibes.

Accentuate your kitchen walls with a pop of corals and neutralist

Considering the functional nature of the space, colourful wall paints are not a good idea for kitchen and dining areas as it can be too jarring and disturbing for the eyes. This is primarily one of the reasons why people prefer subtle colours like white or beige for kitchen and dining spaces. But, if you wish to strike a balance between bright and light colours, then Living Coral would be an excellent option. A great way to enhance to white wall paints is to incorporate coral window rims or indoor plants in coral pots.

If you are looking to revamp your home décor this season, you must definitely not miss out on Living Coral. This is indeed a powerful colour that can create a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your apartment. Incorporating coral décor is pretty simple and easy as it can complement any kind of colour palette.

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