Designing your home with soothing lights will not only give it an instant jolt of aesthetic appeal but also elevate your mood and senses. To add to that, effective home lighting ideas also play a huge role in bringing down electricity consumption and offer a plethora of functional benefits. Planning to revamp your home with the best lighting ideas in town? Read on to know more.

  1. Spot the Object

           Your living room and your bedrooms will most likely have wall art or plants, furniture and other objects. It is always wise to go for the best home decor that will suit your room’s colour tones. After identifying the various objects in the room that you would want to bring to focus to, place lights around. Whether it’s dim spotlights or a table lamp, these can go a long way in making your living space look more aesthetic and artsy. Go with the right lighting scheme, and your room will look perfect!

2.   Bright or Dull?

   Your room need not always be filled with bright, blaring lights. Play it subtle with dim lights by the side, or spotlights that surround the ceiling. This accents the room, and gives it a more spacious appearance. If you are not reading anything, and simply want to relax, these dim lights will give a subtle glow to the room – the perfect way to kick back after a long day at work. You can even surround your bed with fairy lights, to give your room a pretty appearance, without overdoing it.

3. Two (Or Three) of a Kind

   Why stick to lights only on your ceiling? Experiment a little and go with table lamps for reading in your bedroom or a floor lamp to make your space look a little more quirky. However, ensure that there is ample space surrounding these lamps, as they could easily fall if they are kept in a crowded space. While doing this, ensure that you keep in mind the furniture’s colour tones and pick the right lampshade to go with the right tones in your room.

4. Style Statement

    Go with a statement piece in the centre of your living space. It could add a bit of drama to your living room or even speak for the entire room by itself. However, ensure that it stands out and pairs well with the furniture in your living room. This could work especially well with rooms that have high ceilings, as central light fixtures can let the light spread evenly throughout, while also looking fantastic.

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       5. Play with colours

Go with different coloured bulbs that can add a certain mood to your home. Whether they’re dim yellow or a subtle pink, they can add a warm glow to your room. If you want to host a party at home, having pendants or different coloured lights will amp up the mood with ease. You can even discuss these lighting ideas with a professional expert to ensure you pick the right colours you want for your home. Furthermore, opt for LED lights for a simpler, environmental friendly approach to transforming your home designs.

6. Is It Functional?

Ensure that you have table lamps near sofas and seats. Not only are they the perfect way to style your home, they also provide the exact amount of lighting you would need. Your task spaces (such as your kitchen, your workspace at home, etc) should be well illuminated. Under-cabinet lights, for instance, would work really well in a kitchen. In a washroom, having a light attached to the mirror is a great way to illuminate the space and make the most of the best lighting ideas for your home.

Getting the best lights for your home is key to transforming your interiors. Choosing the best lights can go a long way in designing your home decor with the latest trends in mind. Lancor promises you the best living spaces with comfort, space and all the amenities you are looking for. With these home lighting ideas, you can move into your new apartment and create a different look or simply transform your existing home and light it up!