Being a parent, how should you design your kid’s study room? A clutter-free space for them to store their stationery items, exam papers, files, and others. A quiet space for them to concentrate and work on their school projects and homework. 

To arrange a space friendly for your kid to study, you have to put some effort into choosing proper lighting, paint colour, study table position, school accessories organizer, and so on. 
As a parent, you are responsible for arranging a better ambience for your kid to study with love. Take a deep look at our amazing ideas to design your kid’s study room in your apartment.

Ideas to Design Your Kid’s Study Room - Lancor

1. Invest in a Good Study Table

Due to wrong sitting posture, many school-going children are facing back-pain issues. Sitting in bed and working on school projects can absorb the energy level of your kid, cause obesity issues, and in the end ruin their health. 

So, first things first, get your kid a study table. Look for a clutter-free desk that has separate partitions for placing stationaries, notebooks, and water bottles. Coming from school and after completing the daily chores, your child is going to spend ample time on that desk, so buy one that seems spacious. For kindergarten and small-grade kids, you can pick a table with colours, shades, and shapes. For children above the 5th grade, you can go for one that uses minimalistic designs and subtle colours or colourless.  

2. Place a Board for Creative Works

Kids are dealing with lots these days. Peer pressure, exams, project works, and whatnot. To help your child handle all these mental pressures, you can encourage them to spend an hour or two every day in some creative works like sketching, colouring, painting, listening to music, and so on. 

All these can extract hidden skills from your kids. At the entrance of your kid’s study room/space, put a notice board and exhibit their works. Seeing these works right before entering the study room will encourage your kid to get into the room for studying.

3. Give Room for Natural Light

Consuming light & heat from natural resources will keep your kid active and enthusiastic. This energy will make him/her focus well on studies instead of wiling away time. Indeed, Vitamin D is rich in the early morning sunlight, which will give strength to your kid’s bones. 

So, while you make arrangements for the study room, make sure you allow natural light to come in. Open the windows after sunrise and close them before set.

4. Enlighten the Room with Artificial Lights

Artificial lamps and lights are mandatory for a study room. When it comes to lights for your kid’s study room, you should be ‘extra careful’. Too many bright lights or very dim lights will cause strain on the eyes while studying. 

To prevent lamps from breakage, you can plug in the lamps in a proper holder and keep the switch for your kid to easily access. Adding to the list, look for emergency lights, a good backup during power shutdown. LED bulbs will use less voltage, and using these can optimally reduce EB charges too. 

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5. Get Files Organizers & Holders  

As a school-going child, your kid will have lots of exam papers, rough notes, question papers, and so on. All these if they are not properly arranged, will make the room untidy. 

Cultivating good manners starts from home. So, as parents, it’s your responsibility to tell your kid to throw waste papers into the dustbin. And, important papers like question papers, exam sheets, and craft papers, are to be kept in the appropriate folders. 

For the first time, you can help your kid in arranging their study shelves. You can give them ideas to keep everything organized, you can set partitions on the shelves and paste a label with a small description of what’s inside the file. And, even pen holders, to keep pens and pencils all in one place. All these can avoid clutters in your kid’s study room.  

6. Choose a Good Background Colour 

The colour of the paint you use for your kid’s room will have a major influence. Choose subtle colours with engaging wallpapers. Also, if your ward is going to use the same room for studying and resting, then you have to be careful about the colours you have chosen for couches, bedspreads, bedsheets, and more. 

Dark colours might hinder your kid’s mood whereas a mild colour palette can stimulate creative thinking. And moreover, use patterns and shapes. You can even design your kid’s favourite cartoon characters in your wallpaper paintings. Try to include a few minimalistic design charts and wallpapers all around the room.

Wrapping Up   

Being cautious while opting for the right study furniture, placing a notice board for creative works, embracing natural light, wisely using artificial lights, organizing files in proper holders, choosing subtle paint colours…  
If you are looking for ideas to design the study room in your apartment, then, you can use this blog as a perfect checklist. Whether you allocate a dedicated study space in a room or a separate study room, by taking small efforts, you can transform it for your kid to enjoy studying.