One of the most important features of your home is the living room and its design. It could be simple, with minimal furniture and fuss-free lighting. Or it could be the most extravagant part of your home, with every aspect of it well defined right from its wallpaper to the flooring. In other words, the living room mirrors your personality. While its furniture, drapes, colour, etc. can all be taken care of, it’s the ceiling area that demands extra thought. In the interior design world, false ceiling designs and work are getting popular by the day. 

What is a false ceiling?

False ceiling refers to the second layer of the roof coming below the main roof, often suspended by a wooden or metal frame. It is the first things that a person would notice upon entering the room, so it’s crucial to get its design right. Any move can make or break the beauty in its design. Typically there are three false ceiling types: plaster, gypsum and PVC. 

To accentuate its beauty, check out these simple false ceiling designs for living room areas:

Adding a brown and wooden style

A wooden ceiling is not unheard of but it is a rather rare idea to implement. It is a Western concept that is slowly seeping into premium Indian homes. A false wooden ceiling is ideal for a large living room. It adds a certain appeal and even makes the living room look more spacious. It blends well with wooden flooring and minimalistic interiors. It can be a bit expensive to install but it requires lesser maintenance work. This kind of false ceiling design implores you to keep fewer furniture and objects and add a tinge of green with plants giving it a natural vibe. You can explore various DIY décor ideas that match up to this ceiling design.

Explore a levitating ceiling

False ceilings that look like they levitate – need we say more? It’s modern, chic and becoming a hot favourite in newly furnished homes. With such a ceiling, you can play around with its lighting and colour. LED spotlights would look perfect for such a ceiling as they bring the whole room to focus, highlighting this part of your home more than the others. You can also explore with such false ceiling designs, bearing your home décor in mind. For instance, if your house has a quirky edge to it, then you can make the false ceiling contain patterns and designs. And if the house has a classy, minimalistic feel, then simply add the lighting and neutral tones. 

Shape it up

Simple ceiling designs for living room needn’t adhere to a regular square or rectangular. The best part about having a false ceiling design at your living room is the fact that you can experiment with it. Go for an oval shape if your living room is small and has a good amount of furniture. You can try waves or hexagons, based on the appearance of your living room. With such a roof, attaching a ceiling fan or lamp is ideal as it does not take the beauty away. Whatever shape you opt for, ensure it complements the lighting and dimensions of the room.

Make a grandiose statement

It’s certainly not the first choice one would opt for but it’s still an idea that lingers in the mind, making you wonder how it would fit in the grand scheme of things. We’re talking about a grandiose statement, often made using lighting and elegant chandeliers. The key is to paint the ceiling with a dark colour and fitting it with small lights in the corner whilst setting up a grand chandelier or lamp as its central fixture. The false ceiling’s colour would emphasize on the chandelier’s beauty and add drama to your living room. Choose the right lighting based on how natural light figures in your living room. Moreover, effective lighting not only adds beauty but is also a cost-effective option.

Art attack

Let your artistic instincts flow when it comes to brainstorming on the design for your false ceiling. Right from classy goldwork with an extra sheen to intricate metallic designs, home décor and renovation ideas are aplenty, bringing in the art to ceiling among other designs. You can add the artwork with a tinge of inspiration from your favourite artists. Love pop art? Emulate a similar work but ensure that your furniture and interiors match with it. The key is to not overdo it. Sometimes, less is good. So if you overindulge in artwork, it could appear a tad bit tawdry and defeats the purpose of employing a false ceiling to your living room. Gone are those times when a simple coat of paint did the trick. With different lightings, screens and architectures to choose from, beautifying your living room is a project of its own. For the perfect living room, you must get your perfect home first. Head out to Lancor and let your dream home come true, one step at a time!