Sriperumbudur is getting all the attention again as it is becoming once again  the strongest contender for the planned & proposed second airport that will be required after the terminals at the existing airport reach saturation point. The keenness to look at this location as a potential site for a Greenfield Airport has revived after a promoter has made a mention of offering 2000 acres of a land parcel though it is not officially granted, inspected or signed etc. 

Proposed second airport at Parandur

The proposed phase II modernization of the airport includes a new integrated terminal, a multi-level car parking lot and several other air-side developmental works. The integrated terminals slated to be completed by September 2021 are likely to reach saturation levels in 4-5 years, after which there will be a need for the second airport. 

Integrated terminal with multi-level car parking

Sriperumbudur is just 40 kilometers from Chennai, lies within the Chennai Metropolitan Area. It is the birthplace of Sri Ramanujar, the most prominent Vaishnava Saint in our Sanatana Dharmam.  Sriperumbudur is the industrial hub of Tamil Nadu and has received huge investments due to its proximity to Chennai port alongwith it being strategically located on the Chennai-Bangalore highway, the growing infrastructure development in the place, the presence of few Software Technology Parks and availability of quality workforce.

Hyundai was among the first to invest in Sriperumbudur. The rest is history. Today, Sriperumbudur is a Special Economic Zone attracting investments worth over few billion (U.S.) dollars primarily in the automotive and electronics sectors.

Special Economic Zone

The Industrial corridor between Sriperumbudur and Oragadam is rapidly growing. With all these factors going in favour of Sriperumbudur, it only makes sense to buy an apartment or a villa to live in there or for investment purpose. And choosing an apartment or a villa in Sriperumbudur which offers besides all the regular set of latest amenities, more than enough space to move around, loads of nature, peace, hygiene environment and fresh breeze will cover the essentials of a safe, healthy and long life as re-iterated by the current Covid19 affected scenario in the country.

Abundance of Nature, lush greeneries and hygiene environment

Thus, Sriperumbudur which on the one side, witnesses rapid infrastructure development and on the other side, has apartments and villas which amidst the ever growing air, noise and water pollution, still offers greener environment, pollution-free air and pure drinking water, no wonder gathers all the attention again. To know more about our projects in chennai please call us @ +91 8144787405. We are ready to stretch our arm and support you!

Here is a graphic that sums up the entire post.