Technology is part of everybody’s lives these days. From the moment we wake up to the moment we sleep, our lives involve some dose of technology that can’t be ignored. Almost all commercial establishments have started embracing technological advances, and all of this is for the better. Real estate is one such industry where technology is making inroads. Just how much has real estate become future-ready with technological advances? Let’s find out.  

How Technology Has Helped Real Estate Industry

Consumer’s purchase decision made at the click of a button:

Today, with various websites offering a range of real estate options to buy, sell or rent, consumers sitting in the US can decide on a property in Choolaimedu. Technology has enabled a virtual market place and in a way, has created a level playing field for everyone to operate.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) will improve the quality of housing projects

BIM involves the use of 3D technology to represent the site plans of a soon-to-be constructed property artistically. Everything that is part of a building- the size, shape, breadth, length, surface area, lighting, the strength of the skeleton structure and much more, can be modelled beforehand using BIM. While this technique is predominantly used in the West and most parts of East-Asia, a mere 25% of projects in India utilise the technique. However, reforms pushed by the Indian AEC industry could make way for future projects being built using BIM, and the rising trend of architecture as a preferred course of study could see more future architects implementing the same technology in their projects. Better quality projects produced through BIM will automatically result in increased sales for a builder.

Virtual Reality (VR) has enhanced a potential home buyer’s experience

Today’s consumer is so technologically savvy that advertisers have to think of new ways to promote any commodity. One promotional technique that is proving to be quite popular for real estate is VR. VR lets potential home buyers experience living in a home even before they move into it. This technology is again yet to be fully implemented due to financial restraints, but once VR becomes more commercially available in the country, you can help you spot your dream home and buy it before even visiting the property. 

Social media is the real estate sector’s new favourite home

A home is where your heart is; it is where you connect on a deep social level with your kith and kin. Social media has managed to replicate that feeling even if you are not near your loved ones. So it makes perfect sense that real estate companies start promoting their products on the social network. From connecting at larger scales with home buyers to quickly promoting the latest and best housing deals, everything is done best on social media. 

 Smart home appliances are a rising trend

For home buyers, nothing makes life easier than technologically advanced home appliances. Apps are taking control of home devices. Things like the smart TV, smart home control centre and smart lighting have already made their presence felt in Indian homes, and for sure, there is more to come. Including hi-tech gadgets in your home can be one of the interesting home decor and renovation ideas you can incorporate. 

Transparent transactions:

Thanks to technology, home buyers have the advantage of being well informed about the latest trends and best properties in the market. Buyers can easily purchase what they desire without any confusion over the prices and type of home on offer and there is no way two customers can be treated differently. Technology has made the customer the king.

Technology in the real estate industry can only get better with time. Real estate giants like Lancor have already taken it upon themselves to implement the trendiest technological advances into building their homes. FOR YOU.