Typically, there is always an investment battle between land vs gold. Once you are aware of the best investment options among these two, you can invest in any of them and can get maximum returns.

Our Lancor team has compared the benefits of investing in these two assets. At the end of this blog, you will get a clarification on the right investment option.

Highly Secure

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You would have seen frequently about the bank locker robbery in the newspaper. According to the Union ministry for finance, across 51 banks in India, robbery, theft, and burglary of bank lockers accounted for 1.80 billion rupees loss. Also, the Reserve Bank of India said banks are not liable for the thefts of valuables in lockers.

Sometimes, when engaged in busy work at school, college or office because of carelessness there are chances for you to miss your gold.

And, even if you complain to the police, you cannot certainly tell that you will get it back at the right time.

Security is one of the main reasons why investing in gold becomes less profitable. This will not happen in the case of real estate properties. Even, if someone claims your property as their own, no worries, you can legally get it back.

Generates Income

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Another important thing you have to note is that you can earn from your real estate property. You can get earnings from land investments but gold investments add up your expenditure.

You can lease out your empty plot to companies, organizations, etc and thereby get monthly rentals from them.

Or else, you can construct apartments/houses and can receive rentals from the tenants. If you want to know more about which is the better investment (plot or flat) click here.

Deduction in Taxes

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Typically, taxes are a big headache for anyone. Each and every product has its own tax charges, which goes beyond the actual price of the product. Real estate properties are ideal for receiving tax benefits.

Tax deduction makes real estate a great investment option. The rental repairs, utilities, maintenance, cost of legal services, mortgage tax deductions, etc are considered at the time of taxation.

While the tax inspectors find a depreciation in any of these, property tax will be deducted. If you want to know more about property tax in Chennai, click here.

Ideal for Long-Term Investment

Flats in Sholinganallur

Real estate properties will be a great asset in the future. You can start accumulating wealth by investing in a long time real estate property.

You can keep a property for a longer time, therefore if you find a property with features like affordable prices, nominal cost of property insurance and cheap property tax without any uncertainties or worries purchase it.

As external factors cannot destroy or rob it, real estate is a good option for long-time investment.

Add More Value

Typically, it is an accepted fact that land is a valuable asset. When you do some reformations to the land, even at the time of selling it gives you extra returns.

Utilities like water facilities, seamless electricity connections, strong maintenance, etc can raise the standard of your land and can bring the best returns.

Here is a graphic that sums up the entire post.


Yes, it cannot be denied that investing in both gold and land are good assets in the future. But, as real estate investment gives more benefits than gold.

If you get any ideas to invest in real estate property, you can contact us (+91 (814) 478-7405). Lancor has many ready to occupy apartments and villas. Our team will ask your preferences and find you an apartment accordingly!