Moving into your new house is an overwhelming feeling, whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced investor. After months of planning and paperwork, the home buying process has finally come to an end and it is now time to reap the benefits. Buying a new home also means celebrating it with a housewarming ceremony to introduce your near and dear ones to your new nest. Are you part of the guest list? Here are 7 best housewarming gifts we have curated for you:

7 best housewarming gift ideas to inaugurate a new home

Dinner set

A dinner set is one of the best housewarming gift ideas for someone who is moving into their new home. There are different types of dinner sets available today, they can vary in terms of design, material its made out of and the number of products included. If you are aware of the number of people in the family you can buy the dinner set accordingly, or just opt for a 6-piece dinner set to be safe. With regard to the material of choice, there are many options available like ceramic, stone, glass, and even wood which are all available with quirky design patterns as well. You also opt for microwaveable dinner sets to check the boxes of both functionality and style.

Bath accessory set 

A bath accessory set is essential for any household, which makes it one of the most ideal housewarming gift ideas for homeowners. These bath accessory sets come in different sizes and include the basic necessities like a soap dispenser, hand towels, towels, a soap dish, and a toothbrush holder. These accessory sets come in a variety of materials like wood, glass and ceramic amongst others, making them look very appealing and classy. You can also take things up a notch by including matching shower curtains and doormats to the bath accessory set! 

Bamboo shoot

According to Feng Shui, the bamboo shoot or Lucky Bamboo is considered to bring positive energy which, in turn, brings in peace, health and good luck. Apart from these benefits, a bamboo shoot also adds to the aesthetics of the space, making it one of the best housewarming gift ideas for your friends and family. You can use it as a decorative centrepiece on the table or as part of your balcony decor. Bamboo shoots have various medical benefits too. They are used to treat worms in the stomach and can also be consumed as a juice to treat ulcers.  

Deodourising candles 

What better way to offer a celebratory token of gratitude to a new homeowner than by gifting them a mesmerising set of scented candles? When it comes to housewarming gift ideas, deodourising scented candles top the list since they are both utilitarian and gorgeous! These candles neutralise the odour prevalent in the room and spread a nice and refreshing fragrance. They can be used as decorative showpieces, either in cute containers or as an accompaniment with soul-stirring potpourri. They can also be used to welcome new guests to their brand new home. To add to that, these candles can be kept in the living room, dining room and even in the washroom to spread the fragrance. 

Personalized coaster or cutting board

Personalised gifts have an aura of their own since you need to take some time out to make them. They are always cherished by people, which is why they are one of the most-preferred housewarming gift ideas for many. A personalized coaster or cutting board with the names of the owners, a nice message or even an engraved picture would be a great gift. This way your gift can be utilized by your friends or relatives every day in their new home. These coasters can be used when serving a drink and the cutting board can be used every time you want to chop vegetables.

A voice assistant

In today’s digital era, a voice assistant is a brilliant gift for a new home. With the likes of many voice assistants in the market to choose from – like the Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomePod – you can pick and choose the device as per the preferences of the homeowners. Voice assistants do a great job at providing you with information, while also functioning as a speaker to play music or even the news. You can also install additional functions that enable you to control the lighting of the house with the help of voice commands, giving the house a futuristic feel. 

Digital Photo Frame

Almost everything around us is going digital and this includes photos too! So why not wrap a nice digital photo frame for the next housewarming ceremony you attend? Digital photo frames, unlike traditional ones, can display more than one photo and also have the capability to play videos. Your friend or relative can enjoy different pictures of their last holiday in their new home. You can also opt for digital photo frames that connect to the home WiFi and Bluetooth for added features.
A gift is something that is given with joy and happiness. These housewarming gift ideas are guaranteed to show your appreciation and support while congratulating a well-wisher on starting the next chapter of their lives. Inspired to buy a home of your own? Head out to Lancor for state-of-the-art properties developed in top areas of the city