Congratulations on your new furry friend! As your pet has come home for the first time, they might be a little uncomfortable in the beginning. However, as days pass by, they get familiarized and start accepting the place and people around. Until now, your pet is quiet and adapting, but later they might become naughty and playful. It is now your responsibility to take care of your pet like your baby. They are delicate and unaware of the good and bad for them. As a pet parent, you should pet-proof your home and ensure that they are safe and secure.

Make a comfortable home

Although your house is a big place for your pet, you should make a small cosy home for them to feel secure. Build a kennel with a comfortable rug for your dog or cat. Once your pet gets familiar with the house, they will sleep anywhere, but until then it is important to give them their personal space. Make sure to have the kennel in an ideal place in the courtyard. In case you live in an apartment, make a cosy basket for your pet to sleep and let this be near your room so that you can check on your pet regularly. Now that you have built a home for him/her, let’s get into the next step of pet-proofing your house.

Safe Living room

Always make sure to keep the door closed, so that your pet does not leave the house and wander around. Another aspect to keep in mind is that pets, especially dogs and cats, tend to look outside and out of excitement, try jumping out. To avoid this, keep the windows fastened. Next, dogs have the habit of chewing furniture, biting pillows and scratching wooden chairs. To avoid this, invest in metal furniture and keep pillows out of reach. Place the sofa and other furniture in the corners, to give sufficient space for your pets to walk around. Regarding electric circuits and wires, ensure that all circuit boards have a covering and remove all dangling cables from the TV and telephones. Instead, cover the wires with a case and fasten them to the walls. It is also important to install dog gates to confine them to one place whenever required – like during your mealtime or when you are cleaning the house.

Kitchen is the main play area

For pets, especially dogs and cats, the kitchen is synonymous with a playground. Pets know that you have food in the kitchen. Keep the milk cans away from cats as they can stealthily come and finish the milk. Also, be careful to keep the other food items away from the reach of your pets as they tend to topple all the food stacked. Install kitchen wardrobes in such a way that they are all high raised and out of reach from your pets. 

Another critical aspect to keep in mind is the trash cans. Dogs/cats are allured to dustbins, as they can sense the smell of food in it. So, keep the trash cans covered or inside a latched cabinet. A latched cabinet can be made while remodelling your kitchen for your pets. More often, when you’re not there, dogs topple the trash cans. As much as it causes a mess, it is also harmful to the animals as the other wastes like plastics may choke their throat. Remember that pets cannot consume all human food. So, store the foods such that it is out of their reach. You can choose to hang baskets from the ceiling to store some snacks and fruits. 

Do you have a courtyard?

If you have a backyard, then your pets are going to love you. Pets enjoy playing outdoors, hence you should be extra careful in protecting them. Construct a tall fence around the garden so that your pets cannot jump over the fence. While playing, your pets might be ignorant of the plants around and step on it. Opt for vertical gardens instead to free up space in your backyard and add to the aesthetics. Sometimes, if you have sprayed any pesticides on the plants, these chemicals may harm them. Thus, try not to use any chemicals when your pet is around. In case, you live in an apartment, take your pet for a walk in a park. Allocate a small room in your home for your dog to run around. Let the room be empty with just the toys for pets to play and chew. 

Keep away from the bathroom

It is essential to potty train your pets at regular intervals else you might have to clean the house. Sometimes, your pets might also get into the bathroom, which can be dangerous as there are soaps, shampoos and water, which is often slippery. It is a good idea to train your pets on how to use the bathroom. Have a big tub for your pet to enjoy their bath, which is vital for their hygiene. The next aspect to look into is the water draining system.  Ensure that the drain is clean so that water does not clog and your pets do not slip due to the water on the bathroom floor. 

It is better to be safe than sorry. So, make small changes in your house to safeguard your pets. The changes mentioned above are easy to execute. Remodelling your home for the sake of your pets can also be a chance for you to add on to other changes to improve your living. If you are looking for a new home that can be conducive to handle pets, head out to Lancor.