Home renovations reflect one’s passion and creativity for bringing life to their homes. Remodelling your space not only comes with the absolute need but also with the fascination to improve living standards. Moving into a new home, or renovating your current one, results in a cascade of emotions – from enthusiasm to tiredness – ending with deep satisfaction. It is natural to be concerned about the budget while making a massive call for renovation. Worry not! Here are five innovative budget-friendly ideas to incorporate in your homes.

Garden your way

Building gardens in your backyard, terrace or balcony is one of the quickest and most effective home renovation ideas since it beautifies the surrounding instantly. It also has a significant impact on one’s health. Use ample space near your house to grow beautiful flowers and vegetables. Flowers add on to the colour and fragrance of your living space and vegetable yields are any day rewarding. You can make your own compost by dumping organic waste and replenishing the soil with nutrients, thereby improving soil fertility. Terrace gardens can house a range of plants that grow on pots like tomato, ladies finger, hibiscus, aloe vera, etc. They also play a crucial role in reducing the heat seeping through the ceiling. Vertical gardening, too, is gaining momentum as a result of dwindling spaces in homes. However, make sure that there is sufficient availability of sunlight while choosing a place for a vertical garden.

Light up

Illuminating up your space with trendy home lighting solutions that strike the right balance between style and functionality is one of the best home renovation ideas. Keep your house bright with sunlight during the day and white light in the night. This gives a clear view to spot objects around. Yellow lights add a festive flavour to your house. Place dim lights in the bedroom that offer a great touch while relaxing. Install effective lighting systems around your home to complement your mood. You can also invest in decorative portable lanterns that add value while reading a book while providing aesthetic pleasure. Alternatively, use LED lights as a replacement for the usual tube light, both indoors and outdoors, as an energy efficient solution which is also cost-effective.

Define your colour

Colours define the character of your home and are closely associated with emotions. Painting walls with appropriate colours change the look and feel of your space, making it one of the most hassle-free home renovation ideas. From constantly lifting your mood to controlling thoughts, paint colours play a vital role. Blue is a calming colour, yellow brightens our mood, green indicates prosperity, and so on. Characters like these tag along with each of the colours.  However, it is better to use neutral wall colours while there is a child at home, to save walls from getting dirty because of your little one’s scribbles. Keep your walls clean and tidy to avoid the exposure to allergies. Also, remember to avoid dark colour ceilings as it will absorb heat and increase temperature.

Natural Ventilation

While looking up home renovation ideas, why not consider improving the ventilation of your home? Sometimes a big French window makes all the difference! Proper ventilation will keep your living space fresh and airy. Cover your windows and doors with beautiful curtains to add to the aesthetics while filtering out sunlight and dust. Clean your windows regularly to avoid dust allergies. Although sunlight is welcoming, curtains help to subtle the effect and cooling down your home during summers. It is also a good idea to keep the doors and windows that are opposite to each other open to increase cross ventilation.

Relish your memories

Empty walls give an empty feeling while walls with photos, wallpaper or quotes add a cheerful feel to your home. Spruce up your interiors with wall-decorating home renovation ideas that uplift your mood and take you to your happy place. Stick quotes on the walls that motivate you and prepare you for the rest of the day. You can also indulge in fun and quirky DIY projects to display your creativity and tell your story. Create your wall of happiness by pasting sticky notes of happy moments of the day. Reading these sometime later will bring back adorable happy memories.

These home renovation ideas will give a whole new and fresh look to your home without burning a hole in your pocket. To find your dream home and incorporate ideas to build your living space, visit Lancor.