An office is a place where employees spend the largest part of their day. A positive workspace is crucial to keep employees cheerful and productive. Happiness is contagious. Thus, spreading positivity around the office is essential to boost the performance levels of employees. An inspiring workplace plays a vital role in maintaining a balance between work and life. Here are a few office decor ideas that can bring out a positive work environment and keep your team happy and smiling!

Let the colours do the talking

Creating a comfortable vibe is vital to improve productivity in employees. Let this start with the colours in your office. Choose the right choice of colours for your office by analysing the benefits each hue brings to the table. For example, blue is known to produce a calming effect that is almost tranquil in nature. Green, on the other hand, adds a fresh outlook to your office and triggers creativity. Yellow and orange induce a feeling of warmth and happiness while red symbolises excitement and enthusiasm. You can also opt for a mixture of colours while looking for office décor ideas. It is a good idea to use hues of blue in meeting and conference rooms since it stimulates the brain and uses fresh colours like green and yellow in the cafeteria to relax jittery nerves. 

The importance of fragrance

As much as colours play a role in controlling the mood of an individual, so does the fragrance of the surrounding. Having a lovely aroma in your workspace is essential for a pleasant work environment. For this purpose, try having air fresheners installed in multiple locations in your office. Sometimes, fresh plants and flowers inside the office can also impart a pleasant and natural smell around the place. Make sure to choose an air freshener with a subtle fragrance, as a strong aroma might distract team members and lead to headaches. 

Draw inspiration from the walls

Ensure to reflect your company’s mission as a large picture on the walls with bold font styles and bright colours. This will keep reminding your employees of their responsibilities and roles towards the goals of the firm. Apart from this, you can hang up eye-catching artwork or simple creative designs on the walls. These pictures will make your workspace thoughtful and lively. You can also stick photos of past events or activities together, to transform great times into happy memories. Furthermore, you can also fix mirrors as a game-changer in your office décor. Mirrors create an illusion of space and contribute to a positive and open-minded atmosphere at work. 

Effective lighting 

Having a proper lighting system is the most important aspect to consider while designing an office space. Unlike add-ons, adequate lighting is fundamental. Firstly, make sure to fill the workplace with natural light. Sunlight is the best source of illumination as it connects you to the outer world. Ensure all the windows are unobstructed. Install efficient ceiling lights and experiment with cove lighting to add to the aesthetics. Once you have established proper lighting, you can also improve the ambience with lanterns and desk lamps in case your employees require task lighting. Keep in mind that improper lighting leads to eye strain and headache and might decrease the productivity of your employees.

Fancy Furniture

In order to make your office space attractive, invest in funky couches, impressive curtains and fancy furniture. You can explore options like wooden tables, rotating chairs, executive chairs with cushions and coloured bean bags. As much as different furniture sets improve the look of your office space, ensure that the working height is conducive and comfortable. Chairs of lower height might lead to neck problems. Furthermore, you can opt for quirky décor ideas if you are a start-up or an agency. You can arrange office supplies like colourful stapler pins, gem clips and stationery in glass jars, for example, and place them in a convenient location that is easily accessible to employees. 

Food is a must

As the day progresses, your employees might need fuel to re-energise. So, try storing healthy snacks and fruits that are accessible to your employees. Remember to keep healthy food in the front racks and place the junk food on the top shelf. This way, you can nudge employees into healthy eating habits. Invest in having a coffee station in your office – like tabletop coffee filters or coffee machines with sugar packets, cups and spoons. Resort to an effective waste disposal system and install different coloured bins to separate the plastic wastes from biodegradable wastes. Going green is a great value to infuse in your employees. Moreover, coloured bins also add to the colours in the office that might encourage employees to follow the waste system effectively. 

A simple change brings in a huge difference. Similarly, small changes in your office will improve the productivity of your employees. However, apart from the above office decor ideas, leave someplace for your employees to personalize their desks with photos, plants and motivational quotes. Creating a vibrant space is vital to nudge individuals to work with happiness and impart an optimistic approach to situations. If you are looking for an incredible commercial space, head out to Lancor. You can then incorporate all the above office decor designs for a fabulous and impressive office space!