A smart home is an automated home that houses sophisticated devices connected to the internet to make your life simple and convenient. In today’s fast-paced world, having a smart home is one of the easiest and effective ways to stay on-the-go while also doing your part to conserve the environment. If you’re not tech-savvy, do not worry. Here are a few ideas to upgrade your residence with smart appliances that will help enhance your living. 

Smart TVs

Like a smartphone, a smart TV is also connected to the internet and enables access to a wide range of apps. You can now easily stream your favourite movies or series on your TV and watch these shows uninterrupted. You can even browse and check your social media on your smart TV. Gone are the days when switching channels and exploring new videos are typically done using a remote. Today, with enhancements in technology, smart TVs can be connected to voice recognition tools and your commands can be used to navigate and browse on your smart TV. Additionally, a smart TV enables you to download online shopping apps, making it simple and effortless to place orders for essential items. If you want to upgrade your normal TV to a smart TV, you can opt for certain portable devices like the fire TV stick to gain access to a range of entertainment options. Incase you have a large house, ensure that the wifi coverage is good enough to reach your TV as it is vital for the efficient functioning of your smart device. 

Smart speakers

Make background music a way of life with smart speakers that respond to your voice! Voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home go a long way in providing solutions to almost any query under the sun. From innovative recipes and daily news to finding practitioners nearby, they redefine smart technology and adapt to your every command and need. You can also connect these voice assistants to your other smart devices like your smartphone or smart TV and access the data in those devices. Furthermore, there are options to automate your everyday schedule by setting alarms and reminder notifications.

Smart security

Ensuring the security of your home is vital. It is common to forget your keys inside the house or in your car. Instead of using keys to lock your home, you can opt for a number lock, face detection, fingerprint or voice detection software. Although, the lock and key is an age-old method of safeguarding homes, opting for newer technologies is better as it is more personalised. This ensures the safety of homes and also lets you stay in peace. The good news is that many advanced technologies can be installed to address safety issues. You can install CCTV cameras at multiple points in the house to track visitors. Some sensors send alerts to your mobile phones, offering top-notch privacy and security. 

Smart lights

Fix smart LED lights in your premises that are programmed to complement your mood. These smart devices respond to your voice commands. For example, voice assistants like Amazon Echo can be connected to your LED lighting solutions through the wifi router. All you need to do is download the app and the control is all yours! Although it sounds easier, the installation requires experts help. These lights can be used to switch from bright to dimmer shades depending on your choice. You can opt for devices that can be controlled by voice assistants or mobile. To add to that, smart home lighting solutions can be automated to go off when they detect no motion in the room, contributing to saving electricity and conserving the environment.

Smart Pet devices

Why should humans have all the fun? Pets also have their share of smart devices, which are fun for pets and makes it convenient for pet parents too. Along with pet-proofing your homes, introduce devices like  Clever Pet, a smart device that is a repository of your pet food. Start by storing some of your pet’s favourite food inside it. Once your pet touches the sensor button, the food pops out. Although your pet may take time to understand the pattern, onceit is familiar with the system, you can sit back and enjoy. This feeder device also acts as a toy to entertain your pets.
Smart homes are gaining traction as it improves living and eases everyday activities. Pause and think for a minute – how does it feel to control your home with just a click of a button? What are you waiting for? Remodel your home or rush to Lancor to invest in a new home with all the required smart devices to make your house sophisticated!