Home is a precious place for all of us. A lot of home buyers believe in the ancient science of Vaastu and are looking for ways to include the basic principles of the concept in their homes. These factors can be incorporated while structuring and designing your home. Here are a few Vaastu tips which can be easily implemented while configuring the rooms and choosing the accessories for your dream home.

Vaastu tips To Consider for your New Home - Lancor


The kitchen is the most important place in any house and it is symbolic of the fire element. Energy transfer begins from here as everything raw and uncooked gets transformed into something healthy and nutritious. In order to have a happy atmosphere at home, it is important to have a positive flow of energy from the kitchen to other parts of the room. Firstly, the kitchen must be ideally located in the East or the South- East corner of the house. Place the gas cylinder and the stove a few inches away from the wall. Also, they must never be placed at the entrance of the kitchen. The doors of the kitchen should ideally face east, north or west. Ensure the entrance is not at the corners of the kitchen. Construct a special L-shaped platform by the kitchen counter in order to place your smart appliances. Additionally, the wash basin or sink must be situated in the North- East direction. The northern direction is considered auspicious for keeping water cans and utensils. When it comes to wall paints and flooring, choose any colour other than black. Furthermore, make sure your kitchen is not constructed above or under bathrooms and toilets.

Living Room

The living room is the most vibrant room in the entire house. Generally, it is the most happening room with a buzz of activities. Here’s where we welcome our guests and so it is important to maintain the flow of positive energy to make them feel pleasant and comfortable. The apt location for the placement of the television is the southeast corner. Also, choose the type of curtains depending upon the placement of windows in the living room. If the windows are facing north or east, use curtains which are light and flowy. Use a heavy material for curtains only if the windows are placed in the south or west direction. The northeast corner of the room attracts good fortune. This is an ideal location for some indoor plants as well. But remember to water them regularly. When it comes to choosing your furniture, go for square or rectangular shapes rather than circular ones. Try to include cosy cushions and recliners which help you improve posture and reduce back pain. Chandeliers add beauty and elegance to any living room. However, make sure you don’t place them at the centre of the room. The south or west side would be an ideal location instead. Try to incorporate lots of bright lights in the room so that the entire space is well-lit throughout the day and night.


After a hard way at work, it is in the bedroom that we relax and regain our energy for the next day. It is one of the most peaceful places in the entire house. Ensure that your bedroom is bigger than all the other rooms in the house. If you have a multistoried building, then the master bedroom must be located at the South – West corner of the top floor.  Bedroom structures must not have round ceilings. The flow of the positive energy begins from the north and so the head of the bed should be preferably along the south wall. It is not advisable to have a television, radio or any other electrical gadgets in the bedroom. A mirror or a dressing table with a mirror must never be placed in front of the bed. It is considered to be inauspicious according to Vaastu. While choosing colours for your bedroom, it is better to avoid dark colours. Opt for subtle ones such as white or pink instead. Add sea salt to water and use it to clean the floors of the bedrooms once a week. This helps in removing negative energy from the rooms. Remember to keep your home spick and span without any clutter.

Verandahs and Balconies

It is mandatory for every home to have a balcony or a verandah in order to have a balance of energies.  These are open spaces which easily facilitate the flow of fresh air across the house. The ideal direction for a balcony is the north or northeast. Avoid having balconies or verandahs in the west. Turn your balcony into a green haven for better ventilation and air circulation. Vertical gardening is one of the most innovative methods that can be employed for apartment complexes. Make sure that the flowers you choose have a refreshing fragrance. However, avoid tall and heavy plants as it can create clutter and affect air circulation. It is also a good idea to install sliding doors in balconies and verandahs.

It is important to include these Vaastu tips in order to maintain positivity and reduce stress levels at home. If you are looking out to invest on Vaastu compliant apartments in the prime locations of Chennai, then head out to Lancor.