With the days already getting rapidly warmer, it’s time to gear up to face the full force of the summer heat. While all of us love the bright, sunny months of summer, it can also take a toll on your home. Before summer actually sets in, this is the best time to take a look at areas of your home that might need some extra-attention during this season. Keeping your home summer-ready with easy home decor and renovation ideas can also help you bear the heat of these next few months much easier. Here are a few summer home maintenance tips to help you prepare for the summer.

Your essential summer home maintenance checklist-Lancor

Clean Windows and Replace Screens

With the beautiful fresh air and sunny vistas you can enjoy during summer, you wouldn’t want anything obstructing your view. Summer is the perfect time to give your windows a good scrub because the hot sun will help them dry quickly. But along with longer days and bluer skies, summer also brings with it a swarm of bugs which have come out of their winter hibernation. To stop these bugs from getting into your home, one of the most important summer home maintenance tips is to invest in window screens. This way, you can still throw open your windows and let the sun stream in without worrying about insects flying in. If you already have window screens, give them a good wash to remove any dust from them. You should also consider replacing your window screens if they are torn because apart from being ineffective, they can make your home look gloomy.

Dust Your Air Conditioner 

During the sultry summer days, your air conditioner will probably be working overtime. This is why, you should make sure it’s in excellent working condition before the full force of summer is upon you. Your air conditioner’s filter can accumulate a lot of dust over time which can reduce its efficiency. To help it cool down your home much faster, remove the filter and wash it to get rid of all the dust and grime completely. With a small brush, you can dust all the nooks and crannies within your air conditioner to ensure that your family only breathes in clean, pure air. You can also get your air conditioner professionally serviced to prevent any malfunctions at the height of summer.

Empty Out Your Refrigerator

Like your air conditioner, your refrigerator will also be used a lot during summer. This is why, you should go through the contents of your refrigerator and ensure there’s enough free space you can use. Many times, we leave old containers of food or condiments in the refrigerator that have long since passed their expiry date. Give your refrigerator a detox by removing all these unnecessary bottles, jars and boxes so you can start out your summer with a clean refrigerator. This will give you enough space to store water bottles, ice cream cartons and other cool treats that are perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Update Your Furnishings

During the cold winter months, heavy blankets and rugs helped you stay snug and warm. But as summer begins to set in, you need to give your home a quick makeover. It’s time to put away all your heavy furnishings like woolly blankets and thick carpets, because these will stifle your home during the summer. Instead, bring out cool linens and light cottons to use as bed coverings and cushions. You can use airy fabrics like organza or cotton for your curtains because these will let the breeze blow into your home. They will also let the sun ventilate and light up your home so it always feels cheerful.

Check if Your Indoor Plants Are Summer-Ready

If you grow a lot of indoor plants in your home, you should check to see if they are perennial or if they aren’t equipped to handle the heat. Many plants, like areca palms, wilt under direct sunlight, so you might have to move your plants to shadier parts of your home. Other plants, however, thrive under the summer sun and can make your home look more vibrant. Common household plants like aloe vera and tulsi require continuous sunlight, so grow them in your balcony for an indoor green haven. These plants can also cool down the temperature indoors and make your home more eco-friendly.

Inspect Your Home for Mold

Mold loves summer almost as much as you do. Because most strains of mold require warmth, they flourish during the hot summer months. This is especially common in cities which are humid because the moisture helps mold grow faster. Apart from creating unsightly stains on your walls and ceilings, mold can also damage the health of your family. This is why, tackling mold is one of the most important summer home maintenance tips. To prevent mold from growing in your home, you can turn on your air conditioner when it’s very hot or even use a dehumidifier to create an environment that is hostile towards mold. You should also let your bathroom dry out completely by turning on the exhaust fan or opening a window. This prevents moisture from building up and encouraging mold growth.

Call for Pest Control 

One of the only downsides of summer is that ants are going to be out in full force again. During the colder months of winter, ants usually retreat to warmer spaces and hibernate. However, once the climate warms up again, they come out of hibernation and infest your home. To prevent ants from getting into your food and clothes during summer, you can call pest control to have this menace nipped in the bud. The effects of pest control can last for months, so you can enjoy your summer ice creams and popsicles without worrying about ants getting to them first.

With these summer home maintenance tips, your house will be fully armed to meet the heat head-on. Another summer-essential is an inviting blue pool you can take a dip in to beat the heat. When you have a home with Lancor, you can enjoy luxury features like these and many other important amenities every apartment should have. Visit us to explore our projects and learn more.